Tours from Edinburgh

Tours from Edinburgh, the Capital of Scotland

Is your home haunted? Ours is. The misty streets of Edinburgh whisper of scorned lovers, exiled heroes, and scandalous royals. Be careful you don't get lost in one of the many closes along the Royal Mile at night... you might just run into the ghost of villains like Deacon Brodie. But breathe easy during the day, when Edinburgh's history is on full display in the many museums, galleries, and on every street. And when you've had your fill (can you ever?), you can tour the rest of Scotland with us. So, combine the magic of the city with a trip to see the majesty of the Highlands, the Borders, or the islands of Scotland.


Planning Your Tour from Edinburgh

Many come to tour Scotland from Edinburgh with an idea in mind. To breathe in the scent of whisky at their favourite distillery. That they'll be the one to spot Nessie. That they might see an even more mythical creature: the Scottish sun. Our small-group tours from Edinburgh range from 1-17 days, so we'd advise you to narrow down your must-see list.

Travel Responsibly from Edinburgh

When touring Scotland from Edinburgh, you’ll be moved by breathtaking landscapes that we’re determined to protect. Through our responsible travel initiative, we do as much as we can to preserve locations for future generations to enjoy.

Did You Know?

- As you wander the gorgeous scenery of Princes Street Gardens, remember it used to be a loch... a cesspit for the city's sewage and a place to drown witches. Over 200 skeletons were discovered when it was drained in the late 18th century.
- Back in the 1800s, Edinburgh had the nickname Auld Reekie, meaning "old smokey" due to the poor air quality.

Don't Miss Out

- The best view of the city is debatable: from the top of the ancient volcano Arthur's Seat or from the historically-intriguing Calton Hill.
- Stockbridge and Dean's Village are Edinburgh's beautiful siblings, always getting attention. It's no wonder, with timber houses and cobbled streets alongside a flowing river.
- Climb the monument dedicated to Scotland's most legendary writer, Sir Walter Scott.