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Ireland's West Coast


Oh, how time affects us all. Even a place. Take Ireland's West Coast, for instance. It was once a place of powerful families in their mighty castles. A place where monks would dwell in caves and where battles were fought.

Now, it is a place of remembering and enjoyment. A place where travellers and locals alike come to have fun, to be struck by the beauty of history left behind, to gaze peacefully at a mountainous view or gaze down at cliffs that plunge into the sea below.

It's up to you how you experience the West Coast of Ireland. But one thing you can't miss is coasting along Ireland's most poetic driving route, the Wild Atlantic Way. Whether you sample only a taste, or experience it all, it's worth every moment.

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The Cliffs of Moher are world famous, but some say they’re not the most beautiful sea view on this route. Our expert guides ensure you experience the hidden marvels as well as the famous spots.


People don’t travel to Ireland to play volleyball and bathe on beaches. But that doesn’t mean their sandy strips aren’t stunning. Explore the Wild Atlantic Way’s best beaches with us.


These cute collections of quaint cottages are strongholds of Ireland’s history and culture. Taste their treats, meet the locals, and embrace the traditions.


The salty-sea winds aren’t kind to man-made structures. But no matter how dilapidated they are, they're still incredible to behold. Visit old monasteries, castles, and more on your journey.

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