This access statement aims to describe our services.

So we can ensure you're comfortable travelling with us, please let us know about any special requirements before you book your trip. You can also ask us about specific itineraries at

It's essential you give us prior notice if you're bringing a wheelchair, a mobility aid, or need an accessible room.


Our Mini-coaches

All our tours in the UK are operated in 16 seat Mercedes Mini-coaches. The Irish tours and Europe tours use different makes of coach, but they’re similar in layout and facilities. There are no toilets on any of our buses.

Entry and exit from the mini-coaches is via the front left passenger door. There are three steps up into the coach – each 150mm in height. There are grab handles on both sides, the step edges are clearly marked and the treads are non-slip.

The seats are on-level standard coach seats with a step up to the back row of seats.

The seat configuration is single seats on the passenger side and double seats on the driver’s side. All seats have full three-point seatbelts which must be worn when the vehicle is moving. Seat belt extenders are available if required.

Booster seats for smaller children are also available if required – we should be notified in advance of any children under 1.2m in height who would require a booster seat.

Our buses are not wheelchair accessible, however we have large luggage compartments which may easily take a manual folding wheelchair or walking frame. At this time we cannot accommodate battery-operated wheelchairs or walking aids. Our staff are not able to offer physical assistance when boarding or disembarking from the buses or at any point during the tour. Guests should be comfortable getting on and off the bus on their own or with the assistance of a travelling companion.


Departure Points

Our departure points are located on public roads, bus stations, train stations and hotels. For more information, see our departure points page.



Our departure points have different check-in methods. Please contact us to find out specific information about a departure point.


Commentary & Language

All tours are guided by an English-speaking live guide, with one exception – we do offer a separate version of our Loch Ness Day tour led by a Mandarin-speaking live guide.

We do not supply any written information about the tours. Our website provides tour summaries in French, Spanish, German, Italian and Mandarin, which you may print for your convenience.

Safety instructions will be given verbally by the driver-guide before departure. If anything is unclear, please bring this to their attention. The driver/guide will generally use a microphone and there are speakers throughout the vehicle

There are regular stops during the tour during which the driver-guides will be happy to answer any questions and repeat any information you may have missed.


Tour Stops

We make regular comfort breaks throughout the day – normally there would be no more than 1.5 - 2 hours between stops with toilet facilities. Because these facilities are operated by 3rd parties, some public, some private - we cannot be specific about the accessibility of each stop, but in most places fully accessible toilets are available.

Our tours are designed to have lots of stops with as much time off the bus as possible. Most tours include visits to attractions of various types: photo opportunities, refreshment breaks, historical sights, old towns, and nature walks.

Some of our tours involve fewer activities and are more accessible than others; get in touch, and we can help you decide.


Accommodation on Multi-Day Tours

We offer flexible accommodation options on our UK & Ireland tours and don’t accommodate our tour groups together in the same property. Groups are split between a variety of B&Bs, Hotels and Hostels to suit preferences indicated at the time of booking. As each accommodation provider has a different level of accessibility, it not possible to give specific access details here.

We endeavour to accommodate all passengers as close to local facilities as possible. Hotels and Hostels tend to be centrally located and B&Bs tend to be in residential areas on the outskirts of towns/villages. In all cases, passengers should be aware that accommodation may be up to a 30-minute walk (approximately 1.4 miles) away from local facilities. Taxis are available in all locations and can be booked and paid locally.

Lifts and elevators are uncommon but may be available in some Hotels. Ground floor rooms are available in some B&Bs and Hotels. If either is essential, please let us know at the time of booking.

Any additional mobility and special requirements (dietary, allergy etc.) should be made clear at the time of booking, so we can ensure the most appropriate accommodation is allocated to you.

If you’d rather book your own accommodation, please let us know at the time of booking and ensure reservations are made within two miles of the specified overnight town-centre.

You can contact for further information and advice on accommodation.


Booking a Tour

Our tours can be booked in various ways:

1. On our website

2. By email

3. By phone 0131 226 3133 (within the UK) +44 131 226 3133 (from abroad)

4. Through many local travel agencies and tour operators worldwide

We aim to keep our website up to date with accessibility requirements. The whole website is secure, and we use the multi-national company, Sagepay as our online payment provider.

Our team are trained to speak in clear English on the phone. Please feel free to ask them to speak slower or to repeat things – it’s in our interest to understand you! We may have team members who speak other languages – just ask and we’ll see if we can help.

We aim to respond to all emails within 48 hours.

If you prefer to book through your local travel agency, please ask them to contact us on your behalf using the contact details above.