Tours to Stonehenge

This is one of the most mysterious places on the planet.

Primitive technology somehow hoisted huge rocks into a grand circle.

It may have been used as a place for healing, a gigantic clock, or a spiritual graveyard. No-one knows the answer.

And when you visit, you feel a connection to a past so distant that it’s almost unbelievable.

Join one of our small group tours to Stonehenge and discover one of the world’s greatest enigmas.

Fact File:

Built: circa 3,000 BC |The biggest stone weighs : 22 tonnes| Number of stones: 93

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Why you'll love Stonehenge

Stonehenge huts

An Interactive Experience

It’s not all about the stones at Stonehenge: you wander around Neolithic houses and see a wide array of archaeological relics.


Creature comforts

After cramming your brain with ancient facts, why not visit the café? The light and airy space boasts a selection of locally produced food and drinks.

The Rabbie's experience

Small groups - we go off the beaten track

Travel the local way on small group tours of 16 people or less

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