The Peak District


The Greatest Escape


The crisp morning air doesn't bother you. Not when the view is this good. A valley before you is just waking up with the sun. Crags jut out of the earth like children angry to have been disturbed so early. But there's a glimmer peaking out from behind the clouds and you're on your way to meet friends at your favourite cafe.

The staff there know to save you an almond-flavoured Bakewell pudding. Chaos would ensue if you went a Sunday without one. You hop in the car to go meet them, saying a casual good morning to the ever-opulent Chatsworth House as you cruise on by.

This is life in the Peak District. You feel blessed to live in one of England's best nature retreats. And those who come to visit feel no different. It's where they come to rejuvenate their bodies and souls. A great view and a sweet pudding go a long way in that regard. Perhaps you'll let them in on the secret. 

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Why you'll love the Peak District

Chatsworth House

Nicknamed the ‘Palace of the Peak’, this enormous edifice shines like a gem amidst the Peak District. Adorned with grand gardens and filled to the roof with priceless paintings and period furniture; it’s a real treasure trove.

Bakewell's Sweet Creation

The legendary Bakewell pudding was created by accident in the 1850s. And it has been one of the nations’ favourite desserts since then. You can even get a monthly pudding subscription with home delivery!

The Scenery

Rugged moorlands, cool caverns, limestone dales, crystal-clear rivers, and picturesque towns and villages. This is the stunning landscape of the first national park in the UK.

Monsal Headstone Viaduct

This elegant viaduct carried the railway through the hills between the towns of Buxton and Bakewell. Once regarded as an eyesore, today it’s a stunning addition to the walking route through the serene Monsal Dale.

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