Tours from Glasgow

Tours from Glasgow, Scotland’s Pioneering City

Glasgow is Edinburgh's loud, colourful, tattoo-covered, music-loving, party-goer sibling. So who wouldn’t want to take a tour from Glasgow? It's hard to believe these two are related, but it's the vitality of this city we love most. This is Scotland's cultural capital, a mad hub of trendy bars, inspiring art installations, moreish forward-thinking cuisine, and pulsating music venues. A city you’ll find difficult to get away from. But remember, if you’re taking a trip in Scotland, you just have to tour outside of Glasgow’s limits to experience the rest of our country where coos roam the Highlands, men in kilts play bagpipes, and history both fascinating and tragic seep into every nook and cranny. 


Planning Your Tour from Glasgow

You might be surprised by how much you can do on a Rabbie's tour from Glasgow. Reach Tour the iconic Loch Ness by passing through mesmerising Glencoe. Explore castles with both royal connections and pop-culture significance. Hop on a ferry and explore some of Scotland's best islands. Our Glasgow small-group tours range from 1-3 days, giving you plenty to choose from.

Travel Responsibly from Glasgow

Scotland's culture and breathtaking locations areis something we're determined to help preserve. Protecting the places we love is one of our main missions at Rabbie’s through our responsible travel initiative. We donate, volunteer, travel by small mini-coach and do as much as we can to preserve trip locations for future generations to explore.

Did You Know?

- The Glasgow City Chambers are made up of more marble than the Vatican.
- Part of Saint Valentine's skeleton is buried in a church in Glasgow. Forget Paris, this is the real City of Love.
- Head to Victoria Park to see fossilised trees that date back 330 million years, twice as old as dinosaurs.

Don't Miss Out

- We know recommending a cemetery might seem bleak, but The Necropolis' 50,000 monuments are a surprisingly beautiful destination.
- For the perfect combination of history and nature, take a wander around the People’s Palace and Winter Gardens.
- Reminisce on your time in Glasgow over a whisky or pint in one of Glasgow's many distilleries and breweries.