Cliffs of Moher


When Mother Nature Shows Off


Do you feel that? That tremor running up your feet? You can feel it in your very chest now, can't you? That's the vengeful North Atlantic Ocean battling the Cliffs of Moher right beneath you. If you look close, you'll see the fight from up here.

But instead you can't turn your gaze away from the horizon. The only thing that steals your attention are the birds, diving deep into the ocean below. So unafraid of the power all around them. To them, it is simply home. 

To you, the Cliffs of Moher are proof of our planet's power. No wonder you're here with Rabbie's. Along the way, we stole in at iconic Irish landmarks along the Wild Atlantic Way and the Burren National Park region. We want you to do more than remember this place. We want you to become one of the locals.

Why you'll love the Cliffs of Moher

Spectacular Views

Become lost in the vastness of the Atlantic Ocean. Wind your way around the clifftops and take in the views from all angles.

Colonies of Seabirds

Fish out your binoculars and see lively colonies of puffins, gannets, guillemots and razorbills nesting on the rockface below.

Facinating Geology

Immerse yourself in the visitor centre experience and discover how the Cliffs of Moher were carved into the landscape.

Rich History

The grandiosity of the cliffs has attracted visitors for centuries. Climb O’Brien’s Tower and learn about an important patron.

Cliffs of Moher Tours