The Colours of Andalucía
4 day tour

  • Seville
  • Spain
  • Alhambra
  • Cordoba
  • Alhambra

A tapestry. That’s what you’re in for. A tapestry of rich colours, impeccable views, moreish food and wine, and striking architecture. Welcome to Andalucía.

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Tour Highlights

UNESCO Heritage Sites

Toledo - The former capital of Spain, this charming ‘City of Three Cultures’ is rich in 2,000 years of history and beautiful architecture

Córdoba - This ancient Andalucían city will take your breath away with the marvels of La Mezquita and the Palace of the Christian Kings 

Granada with Alhambra - Be mesmerised by the lavish palace built by the Moors and wander the labyrinth of treasure-filled streets of Granada’s Old Town

Seville - A Roman necropolis, cathedrals, and an Alcázar wait to be explored in this fascinating and historical city

Carmona - Be dazzled by the history, spectacular architecture, and magic of Flamenco in the city influenced by a number of civilisations


Your journey


There’s just something in that word, isn’t there? Andalucía. The way it rolls over the tongue like a fine Spanish wine. A taste you won’t soon forget. That’s this whole region, and it’s waiting for you to discover it. It’s ready to show off its stunning architecture and vibrant culture, all the colours that make it mesmerising. Ready to steal your attention as you coast along its roads from town to city to incredible destination. 

What’s more, Andalucía has a lot of personality and she’s hard to deny. You’ll go home remembering her like the bold, alluring, remarkable ‘person’ she is. A new friend, one you already can’t wait to see again.  


Tour Details

Check-in closes at 08:15 (tour departs at 08:30) - Madrid Pick Up Point, Hotel Porcel Ganivet, Madrid,
Finishes (approx.)
19:00 - Madrid Drop Off, Hotel Porcel Ganivet, Madrid,
You're restricted to 20kg (44lbs) of luggage per person. This should be one piece of luggage similar to an airline carry-on bag (approximately 55cm x 45cm x 25cm / 22in x 17in x 10in) and a small bag for onboard personal items. You can find details about luggage storage options here.
Important information
  • Pack comfortable shoes for walks up to beautiful views
Tour inclusions
  • Transport in a luxury mini-coach with a local driver
  • Air conditioning as standard
  • The stories and services of an English-speaking guide
  • 3 nights in 3-4 star hotels with continental breakfast
  • La Mezquita, with audioguide
  • Alhambra, with audio-guides
  • Fortalezza della Mota
  • Castillo de Consuegra 
Tour exclusions
  • Meals, unless listed above
  • Attractions, unless specified above


Day 1

  • Explore Toledo, the ‘City of Three Cultures'
  • Time for an adventure through the Castilla-La Mancha region
  • Prepare yourselves for Córdoba's bustling energy

Wave farewell to Madrid, folks. It’s time for an adventure. And the first stop sits prettily atop a hill, overlooking the Tajo River. It’s the ‘City of Three Cultures’. A kaleidoscope of Muslim mosques, Jewish synagogues, and Christian cathedrals. We’re talking about Toledo, the former capital of Spain.  

You’ve got several hours here to explore how you’d like, maybe grab a bite to eat for lunch, and see some of the city’s most beloved spots such as the Jewish Quarter, the Cathedral, the Alcázar, and, of course, try Toledo’s famous Marzipan.  

We’ll continue our journey through the Castilla-La Mancha region, a stunning landscape with everything from vineyards and windmills to castles and mountain ranges.  

We arrive in your home for the night, a place we promise you’re going to love. Córdoba welcomes you with a bustling energy and picture-worthy architecture.  



Hotel Eurostars Conquistador 4* or similar, Córdoba

Day 2

  • Explore the fort that feels like a city, Fortaleza de la Mota
  • Lose yourself in the winding old town of Granada
  • You may think you're dreaming, but we assure you the Alhambra is very real

You leave Córdoba after a yummy breakfast and head to a place that, at first glance, might seem like a city… yet it’s a mere fort. Though mere shouldn’t be used here. With its imposing church tower and surrounding walls, this once-fortified hill was a prominent fort back in the Middle Ages. Today, as you explore the ruins of Fortaleza de la Mota, try to imagine what it might have been like defending it. Then grab a bite to eat before we head off again. 

While you may not have heard of our first stop of the day, you’ll have definitely heard of our next one. Granada’s Old Town is like stepping back in time. Surrounded by a tapestry of colourful wares, delicious smells, and winding streets, you won’t know what to do with yourself. Lucky for you, we’re taking you to see the place. The reason so many come to Granada: to explore the lavish palace built by the Moors back in the 13th century. The incredible and unfathomable Alhambra. Our entry time and audio guides are included in your tour package, after which you have free time to explore this immense beauty. 

As we head back to Córdoba for the evening, your mind whirls at all you’ve seen today. 


Included Activities

  • Entrance to the Fortaleza del la Mota
  • Entrance to the Alhambra, with audioguide


Hotel Eurostars Conquistador 4* or similar, Córdoba

Day 3

  • Soak up the grandeur of Seville as you stroll through the Plaza de España
  • Be charmed by the historic and impressive Carmona

Good morning. And what a good morning it will be as we head to Seville, a city that signifies the essence of Spain. It will seduce you with its rich Moorish heritage, orange trees, tapas, and passionate flamenco. 

Today it’s up to you to decide how to spend the day. Dedicate yourself to the discovery of the city’s 80 chapels at the Seville Cathedral and marvel at La Giralda. Or go for a stroll along the bank of the Guadalquivir to admire the iconic Torre del Oro, a military tower dating back to the 13th century. 

You’ll then spend the afternoon in the charming town of Carmona. The town’s motto is ‘As the Morning Star shines in the dawn, so shines Carmona in Andalucia’… and with historical city gates, stunning cathedrals, and an impressive Roman necropolis, we think it’s quite fitting!  

Then it’s back to Córdoba for the evening… tapas, anyone?  



Hotel Eurostars Conquistador 4* or similar, Córdoba

Day 4

  • You won't believe the beauty of La Mezquita in Córdoba
  • Get to know Córdoba a bit better with hours of free time and plenty to see
  • Wander the Spanish stronghold of Castillo de Consuegra

Three nights in Córdoba and we already know you haven’t had enough of it. There’s so much more to see, trust us, and today is your chance. We’ll start the day with an included tour of the awe-inspiring La Mezquita. This great monument is both historically and architecturally important to Spain. This UNESCO World Heritage site represents a significant religious symbol as it has served as a place of worship for both Muslims and Christians. 

After your tour, the next few hours are yours to explore the city and grab some lunch. 

In the afternoon, it’s time to head to Castillo de Consuegra. It’s everything you could want from a Spanish stronghold. This 10th-century castle perches on a ridge overlooking a range of ‘Don Quijote’ windmills. Need we say more? 

It’s now time to head back to Madrid. After just a taste of incredible Spain, we’re certain you’ll want to get back out there as soon as possible. 


Included Activities

  • Entrance to La Mezquita, with audioguide
  • Entrance to Castillo de Consuegra



Where does this tour stay overnight?

You stay three nights in Córdoba. For examples of the accommodation, please see the tour itinerary.


How does the accommodation work?

A good night’s sleep is often needed for a good day of travel.

So we’ve hand-picked three-star to four-star hotels in remote coastal villages, bustling towns, and mountain valleys.

Your accommodation is included in the tour price; and when you book your trip, you can choose whether you want a double room, a twin room, or a single room.


Are there any extra accommodation costs?

The price you see is for all your tour accommodation and for the tour itself. It also includes a tourist tax. This figure is based on shared accommodation. When you're booking your tour and select a single room, an additional single room supplement will be added to the price.



Do I need a visa to take this tour?

You may need a Schengen Visa to travel throughout Europe. Check the official tourism website of the country you’re visiting for up-to-date and reliable information. Travel between countries is easy because there are no passport checks at the borders.


Are the tours suitable for people with mobility issues?

Most people can comfortably enjoy our tours, but it's worth bearing in mind that we often include optional short walks in scenic locations. Please also be aware that many of the old European towns are built on steep hills with cobbled lanes, and you may have to carry your own luggage at times.

So that we can ensure you're comfortable travelling with us, please let us know about any special requirements or needs at the time of booking. If you have any more questions, simply email .


Do you offer hotel pickups in the departure cities?

Europe's historic city centres are full of narrow streets and winding roads. So, to speed up your departure and avoid contributing to congestion issues, we start our trip from hotels located conveniently on the edge of cities. We choose hotels with good public transport connections to the city centre, so you can enjoy your evening explorations.

To make your tour more convenient, you can add an optional pre and post-departure accommodation in the hotel we use as a pick up or a drop off point.


When should I get to the departure point?

Arrive at the hotel lobby 15 minutes before your departure time. Unfortunately, we’re unable to wait for you if you’re late due to vehicle restrictions. But depending on your situation, we may be able to help you catch up with your tour.


What are your cancellation policies?

We have a cancellation period of 42 days for our Europe tours. If you cancel your trip before this period, we give you a full refund minus a 10% admin charge. If you cancel inside this time frame, you’re liable for the cost of the tour package.

We understand how disappointing it is when you have to cancel a trip with us, so please contact our friendly team who will try their best to resell your ticket and refund you.

Click here to view full terms and conditions.


What is a guaranteed departure?

It's simple: you book, you go. This means we'll never cancel your tour because of a minimum numbers policy.


Can routes change?

Your friendly driver and guide are passionate about the places they visit and know all the local gossip. This means your tour itinerary can change a little due to festivities, attraction opening hour changes, and spontaneous photo opportunities.


Can I pre-book a specific seat?

Due to logistical reasons, we're unable to let you pre-book a seat on the bus. But our comfortable mini-coaches offer a good view.


Are there toilets on the bus?

We like to keep our coaches small, nimble, and odour free. This means we have no on-board toilet facilities, but you frequently stop in local towns and villages for comfort breaks.


Do you take children on your tours?

We're unable to permit children under 16 years old on our Europe tours due to the nature of the activities that are included.


How much time do I get off the bus?

We want you to enjoy your trip to Europe. And we believe the best way to do this is to get you off the mini-coach and out exploring. So, we give you plenty of stops to take photos, go walking, and explore ancient ruins.


What are 'included activities' and 'optional activities'?

We've arranged experiences for you on your tour. The 'included activities' are already booked and paid for as part of your trip, whereas you can purchase 'optional activities' while on your tour. You also have free time in many destinations to pick and choose which attractions you visit.


Do we need to bring our own lunch?

You don't need to pack or bring along food on the mini-coach. We stop in small European towns, villages, and rural eateries where you can choose whatever meal pleases both your taste buds and your budget.


What should I do if I have too much luggage?

It’s more enjoyable to travel with light luggage. You can take less by cleaning clothes along the way. Most hotels provide affordable laundry service.

But if you're travelling with more than 20kg, don't worry! There are left luggage facilities close to the majority of our departure points, and courier companies who could ship your excess luggage on to your chosen destination. Our team are happy to help if you need any suggestions or recommendations.


Should I tip the driver and the guide?

Let's be honest, our drivers and guides would never refuse a cheeky bonus. But it's up to you, and the amount is entirely at your discretion.


What about travel insurance?

We highly recommend you take out travel insurance, so you can enjoy a stress-free journey.


What is ABTOT?

You're protected by ABTOT when you book a tour with us. This means you can claim back anything you've paid us if we run into any issues. Read our terms and conditions for more information.

Our packages are covered by the Package Travel Regulations. For full details of your key rights please click here.


I have more questions, who can help me?

If you have any more questions, call us on +44(0)131 226 3133, email, or check out our full FAQs.

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