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Small Group Tours of Italy

This little boot-shaped country has changed the world in more ways than you can imagine.

The fashionistas of Milan taught us how to tailor, the Ancient Romans showed us the importance of sanitation and roads, and their pizzerias perfected the portable dinner. Yes, Italy is a country that’s bursting with UNESCO World Heritage sights and mouth-wateringly good gelato. And on our trips, you combine the most beguiling historical monuments with the humblest cobbled mountain villages.

You admire the pastel-coloured harbour towns of Cinque Terre, you dine by the olive groves of Apulia, and you watch the sunlight fade under the shadows of the Alps. Join our Europe tours and discover whether Italy can change your world a little bit more than it already has.

Why you'll love Italy


You can’t cook Italian food unless you’re in Italy. And that’s because it’s not how you do it, it’s what you do it with. The ingredients here are so tasty that even a single tomato packs more of a punch than your favorite meal back home.


Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael: Italy is synonymous with art. Yet, even if you can’t tell the difference between oil painting and finger painting, you’ll still be amazed by the myths surrounding the masterpieces.


The people here like to get up close and personal. They kiss on the cheek and often embrace you when they meet you. But don’t worry, just go with the flow and take some of this warmth back home with you.


The social complexities of bathing in Italy deserve to be debated by leading scholars. They love their beach holidays so much that they have associated snacks and traditions. Enjoy the show as you venture down the coast on our tours.

Italy Tours