Tours from Edinburgh

Journeys from Edinburgh, the Capital of Scotland

Explore Scotland in all its glory when you take one of our tours from Edinburgh. Edinburgh is a magical place. It’s a city of around half a million people and sits amongst seven hills. There’s a mediaeval town centre, a gorgeous castle, and incredible museums. What’s not to love? Discover the beauty for yourself when you take a Scottish tour from Edinburgh and combine the magic of the city with the majesty of the Highlands, Borders, and islands of Scotland.

Planning Your Tour from Edinburgh

There are so many wonders in Scotland to see. But where do you start? At Rabbie’s we’ve spent years perfecting the ultimate Scotland tours from Edinburgh for you to experience. Whether you have 1 day to experience Scotland or 8 - 17 days to travel from the capital. We can provide a small group tour that suits all types of travellers. Discover what we have to offer now.

Travel Responsibly from Edinburgh

Edinburgh, and Scotland as a whole, is a breathtaking location we want to cherish for many years to come. Which is why one of our missions is to protect the places we love. We do this through our responsible travel initiative. Through this, we donate, volunteer, use small mini-coaches and do as much as we can to protect locations for future generations to enjoy. Hop on board one of our Scotland tours from Edinburgh to see the work we do for yourself.