Tours from Aberdeen

Tours from Aberdeen, the Silver City

Grey and regal. Powerful and unforgettable. You’re picturing a castle, aren’t you? What if we told you we’re talking about ‘The Granite City’, Aberdeen. When you take a tour from Aberdeen, you can first experience this silver city and how it was constructed out of stunning stone. And when you board a Scotland tour departing from Aberdeen, you gain access to some of the most incredible castles, mesmerising mountains and the famous Speyside whisky region.  

Planning Your Trip from Aberdeen

With Speyside on your doorstep, you’d be a miss not to partake in a whisky tour and sample uisge beatha, the ‘water of life’ here in Scotland. Or maybe you’re drawing to imposing castles clinging precariously to a jagged cliff’s edge? Whatever your plan, we’ve got a great range of day trips waiting for you in Aberdeen.

Travel Responsibly from Aberdeen

There’s a wealth of beautiful locations to tour alongside Aberdeen that we want to protect for future generations to enjoy. Through our responsible travel initiative, we take ownership of our actions by donating, volunteering and travelling by small mini-coaches to help preserve the land for many generations to come.

Did You Know?

- Enjoy a little buzz? Aberdeen has more than a dozen whisky distilleries to explore within the city’s limits, not to mention in the surrounding Speyside region.
- The region of Royal Deeside in Aberdeenshire was a royal favourite, home to the magnificent Balmoral Castle where the late Queen spent much of her time.

Don’t Miss Out

- You didn’t come to roam Scotland for the modern world, so make sure you explore Old Aberdeen’s winding burgh, a trove of time-worn buildings and a character of its own.
- William Wallace fans might be interested in visiting St Machar’s Cathedral to pay their respects to his left quarter… which is currently buried in the walls of the cathedral.