Tours from Madrid


Trips from the Capital of Spain


Madrid knows how to live, so take a tour and feel inspired.

The finest tapas, the opulent royal palace, the world-renowned art: The metropolis is a collage of barrios (districts) that each boasts something to be passionate about. Are you ready to book your European city break to discover its beauty?

But there's even more zest to discover when taking a trip outside this city. So, if you're looking for an experience that will stir your soul, leave Madrid and journey with us through on a tour of Spain.

Lose yourself in the music of flamenco in Seville, get mesmerised by the Moorish architecture of Alhambra, and immerse yourself in the surreal art of Salvador Dalí. Each of our small-group tours has a story to unfold, we’re just waiting for you to take your seat. If you’ve got an appetite for more European travel, take a 13-day tour and take a trip through Portugal or even tour Italy while you’re here.


Preparing For Your Tours From Madrid

Whether touring as a solo-traveller, or within a group, preparation for your short trip is key. While we love to be spontaneous, knowing what attractions or landmarks you want to see from Madrid helps to avoid any lost time figuring out where to go next. Our top tip? Choose your top three landmarks and the rest you can figure out along the way.

Iconic Landscapes to Capture

History lives within each of the walls of this city, and if they could talk they’d share a tale or two with you. And this continues when you tour from Madrid to other Spanish regions. From the bold Basque Country, to the treasures of Andalucia, have your camera at the ready, because we’re sure you’ll be leaving with more than souvenirs.

Did You Know?

- The official symbol of Madrid is a bear standing on its hind legs, leaning against a tree. It symbolises the growth in Madrid and how sacred wood is when building a country.

- Madrid’s Puerta del Sol is a gathering spot for residents when celebrating the new year on December 31st, but it also is the point where all six of Spain’s major roads begin.

Don't Miss Out

- A lover of art? Spend hours roaming the galleries of the Prado museum. As Spain’s most famous art museum, you can see the works of Goya and El Greco first hand.

- Relax in the city’s green space of El Retiro Park. City life can be busy so take some time to relax from your sightseeing and be at one with nature for a while.