Scottish Highlands

Scotland’s Handsome Heights


You know when you watch a movie and think 'That place can't possibly exist, it must be CGI'? That's why travellers and photographers, poets, filmmakers, and dreamers have continuously found themselves drawn to the Scottish Highlands.

Haven't been yet? Can't picture it? Imagine a place of wild beauty and mystery; where spectacular mountains overlook deep lochs. A place where battle-ravaged castles are spectators of the peaceful wildlife.

The Highlands are a mystical location and more than just a visit to the iconic landmarks of Loch Ness and Glencoe.

Tour the Highlands on our small group tours of up to 16 people and experience the stories, scenery, and incredible traditions.

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Why you'll love the Highlands

Lovely Landscapes

Some landscapes tell tales of terrible battles. Others feel like they’re home to giants and fairies. Whereas many are so stunning, you’re stopped in your tracks. From barren moors to dense forests, you don’t need to delve deep into the Highlands to find beauty.

Wonderful Wildlife

In the evening, you hear the owls cry. In the morning, you see silhouettes of stags in the forests. And by the sea, you can admire thrashing whales and dolphins. Scotland’s Highlands are abundant with wildlife; so it’s a good idea to bring wildlife books and binoculars on your tour.

Curious Castles

Mysteries lie within. Like a hidden passageway. A strange portrait looming above you in a dark hallway. A wall torn to shreds by violence and time. The castles of Scotland display their history proudly. They sigh over their own ruinous state, welcoming your admiration over all they’ve endured.

Heartfelt Hospitality

Quaint and snug cottages. Large and eerie castles. Cosy and traditional pubs. No matter where you go in the Highlands, you’re sure to receive a warm welcome. Highland hospitality is genuine and typically involves a hearty meal shared amongst new and old friends.

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