Isle of Skye

A Legendary Landscape

Skye. She doesn’t do things halfway.

Here, weathered stone rings whisper of ancient rituals. Castles sigh over their own ruinous state, welcoming your admiration over all they’ve endured. The landscapes yawn out before you as if consuming the entire world.

There is nothing beyond the Isle of Skye. Or that’s how it feels, at least.

Footprints long since washed away still make up the land you see before you. The influence of so many over time, from the Scots to their invaders, from travellers to the animals who call this land home. It’s a landscape of unfathomable beauty, of sheer rock peaks and powerful moments that stay with you long after you’ve gone.


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Why you'll love Skye

The Winged Isle

Skye’s unusual beauty attracts directors, poets, and geologists. Its unique rock types are carved into a landscape that’s as surreal as it is stunning.

You’ll gaze at rocky outcrops, crescent shaped mountains, and physics-defying cliffs. And no matter why you visit, you’ll find this island mystical.


The largest town in Skye has a population of 2,491 people. It’s famous for being a colourful, cultural centre for the people of Skye.

You can find gifts for your family, you can splash out on fine dining, or you can spend your time watching the flows of the ocean.

Neist Point

The most epic lighthouse you could imagine. It clings to a jagged, winding headland, and shines bright in luminous white.

But don’t get too distracted by the lighthouse. Because if you keep a lookout to the sea, you may catch a glimpse of a herd of minke whales.

Frolicking Fairies

Skye is awash with folk tales of mischievous fairies. Dip your feet in the fairy pools and walk amongst the grassy knolls of the fairy glen.

If you’re game, try visiting the little stream under Sligachan Bridge where the trickling water is rumoured to provide eternal beauty.

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