Isle of Wight

England’s Sunniest Escape

Sunshine and ghosts don’t really go hand-in-hand... or do they?

Tucked away in the south, just off the coast, is the Isle of Wight. This little island might be missed amidst all the excitement of England, but that would be a shame. It's both the sunniest and most haunted place in England.

But it isn’t all seaside ice-creams by day and spooky mansions by night. Take in the dusty-chalk landmarks that shoot 30 metres out of the sea, The Needles. Lose yourself in the Italian renaissance-inspired halls of Osborne House. Or say hello to the Benedictine monks who call Quarr Abbey home.

Whether you’re wandering the lavish halls of Queen Victoria’s holiday house or indulging in fresh local seafood, you’ll quickly learn why this is one of Britain’s favourite holiday spots.

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Why you'll love the Isle of Wight

Spectacular Ocean Views

Mesmerising sunset vistas are in ample supply on this English island. But there’s no greater pleasure than watching those orange and purple hues outline The Needles; the Isle of Wight’s famous natural wonder.

Osborne House

The Isle of Wight was possibly Queen Victoria’s favourite place on earth. Which is why she built her opulent holiday home here. Marvel at the gorgeous Italianate architecture and unearth the royal family’s secrets to relaxation.

Seafaring Adventures

Life at sea can be perilous. And the courageous folk at the Bembridge Lifeboat Station are well aware of the dangers. Listen to the adventures of the island’s lifeboat search and rescue team, who have over 100 years of stories to tell.

An Ancient Abbey

Quarr Abbey is both an ancient monastic site and a natural haven. Learn about the rituals of the Benedictine monks, peruse the farm shop, or go on a tranquil woodland walk. It’s the perfect introduction to the peace and harmony of island life.

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