Tours from Rome


Trips from the Eternal City

Touring from the city of Rome is like a grand kaleidoscope of ruins, basilicas, art, and ice cream. You could spend a month here and still only scratch the surface.

But we ask you to do something unusual. We want you to leave the City of Seven Hills and explore all the roads that lead here on a grand European tour.

Our friendly small-group tours allow you to discover the regions and gems a trip to Italy should entail, even if you only have 3 - 4 days to tour. Take in the grand vistas of the Italian Lakes, wander through the picture-perfect towns of the Amalfi Coast, and bask in the sunshine on the beaches of Apulia. All the idyllic locations we wish we could visit in Italy everyday.

And if you crave for more, you can travel from Rome with us for longer and venture to the rest of Europe for either a 6-day tour or a 13-day tour.

Find your perfect tour from Rome below.


Getting the Most From Your Rome Tour

Plan, plan, then plan your short trip some more. Visiting a country with so much to offer its guests, you want to ensure you soak in all you want to experience. From a top rated restaurant to must-see sculptures, Italy has it all.

Iconic Experiences to Capture

From walking the bustling designer streets of Milan to sipping local wine in a vineyard in the countryside, a tour from Rome can provide both. What’s better is with our friendly driver-guides onboard, you won’t have to decide who’s driving home.

Did You Know?

- Italy is home to the most UNESCO World Heritage sites, perfect if you love transporting yourself in history.

- High in volcanic activity, Italy is the only European country to house active volcanoes, some you can even visit! (Mount Etna, Stromboli, Vesuvius).

Don't Miss Out

- Gelato. It would be hard to visit and not sample the refreshing treat. Our tip, the more muted the gelato colour, the fresher the flavour.

- Ceiling murals are in rich supply so don’t forget to keep looking up on your travels, you never know what masterpiece you may come across.