Tours from Dublin

Welcome to History-Soaked Dublin

A tale or two can come from touring around Dublin. It’s inevitable. You’ll find yourself in a pub in Dublin.

Perhaps with a pint of Guinness in your hand, quoting Pippin (“It comes in pints?!”), completely overcome with this feeling. One of excitement. Happiness. Possibility. Because you’re in Dublin and this city is like the hug of a loud and rambunctious friend when you finally arrive at the pub on a night out. But why stop there?

Ireland’s beauty is infectious and should be experienced in full. Step out of the bustling city and take a tour from Dublin. The Emerald Isle is ready to tell you some stories. To show you a good time. To score itself into your memory for a long time to come, and become a lifelong friend. 

Find your perfect tour of Ireland from Dublin below.

Planning Your Tour from Dublin

We love the pub-ridden alleys and history-soaked streets of Dublin. But when you explore Ireland and take a trip from Dublin, you escape the city and discover the authentic Emerald Isle. You find cliffs as epic as the ancient sagas, you encounter too-strange-to-be-true traditions, and you taste whiskies that you never knew you needed in your life.

Travel Responsibly from Dublin

Cultural, passionate, historical - we love the life that bursts forth from a city like Dublin. Which is why one of our missions is to protect the places we love. Through our responsible travel initiative, we donate, volunteer, use small mini-coaches and do as much as we can to protect the locations we tour for future generations to enjoy.

Did You Know?

- Trinity College has more than just a pretty face, she’s had some famous graduates too – such as Oscar Wilde and Bram Stoker.

- The idea for the Guinness Book of Records originated at the Guinness Brewery in Dublin (now the Guinness Storehouse, which you can visit).

Don't Miss Out

- How can you visit the home of Guinness and not visit where it all began? Even if you’re not a big Guinness fan, the tours themselves are still super interesting.

- If you can time it right, why not celebrate St Patrick’s Day in the city of Dublin? Bring your A-Game and lots of the colour green.