4 – 5 Day Tours from Dublin

Irish Tours Departing Dublin for 4 - 5 Days

The Emerald Isle is waiting to be explored when you take a 4 -5 day tour from Dublin. Embodying the wild spirit that lives within this rugged landscape, feel at home amongst the historic castles, cool and calming water and sacred Guinness.

But this is not where your tour of Ireland ends. Going beyond the traditional, we look for the hidden gems that could have been buried with their ancestors, lost in plain sight, or even wanting to be kept a secret. There are a multitude of adventures waiting for you when you take a tour from Dublin. With the help of our storyteller driver-guides, they’re pulling back the covers and waiting for you to dive into the tales while on a multi-day Irish tour from Dublin. 

Planning Your 4 - 5 Day Tour from Dublin

Do you dare tread where others have walked, or are you seeking a path less well known? The beauty of a 4 - 5 day tour from Dublin is you can find both. Whether it’s the coastal paths calling out to the Atlantic, or laying footsteps along the cobbled streets of Northern Ireland, the only way to experience the magic is planning your multi-day Irish tour from the country's capital.

Travel Responsibly from Dublin 

From Ireland to Wales, the Highlands of Scotland to the rolling hills of Tuscany, we strive to leave this world even better than we found it before. Through our responsible travel initiative, we donate, volunteer, use small mini-coaches and do as much as we can to protect locations for future generations to enjoy.