Tours from Bath

Journeys from Bath, the Luxury Capital of England

Begin your adventure from Bath and combine where centuries of stories are carved into stone, with captivating open landscapes stretching beyond your viewpoint. This is touring England and it's ready to show off all it has to offer. 

Outside the elegant city of Bath, with its heritage, culture, and history; the English countryside stretches out around you, waiting to be explored. From losing time in the soulful Cotswold villages to discovering the mysterious Stonehenge, sacred Lacock or collegiate Oxford, Bath isn't the only gem of this region worth bathing in. Take a tour from Bath to experience the treasures for yourself.

Planning Your Tour from Bath

While the city was built purely for pleasure and relaxation, and it’s famous for its thermal water, there’s so much beyond its snug streets to explore. But where to start? Planning to see England from Bath can stretch wide, so our top tip would be to consider a close stop, such as The Cotswolds, on the way to further locations. Read our guide to luxurious Bath to discover more.

Travel Responsibly from Bath

We can’t fathom a world where you can’t take a trip to Bath. It’s the kind of place you go where you’re surrounded by living, breathing history. Beauty. Excitement. This is why we have our responsible travel initiative. By donating, volunteering and caring for the places we love, we can help to protect the locations we visit.

Did You Know?

- Founded by the Romans in 70AD, Bath is the only place in England with natural hot springs. Rich in minerals, these waters are believed to have healing properties.

- The Royal Crescent is a popular filming location and you might recognise it from shows like Sherlock and Bridgerton.

Don't Miss Out

- If you’re a believer in the healing properties of natural springs, you can sample the water at the Roman Baths. Be warned: it’s got a kick.

- Their rivalry is legendary: Bath Buns or Sally Lunn Buns? It’s your turn to decide which is better.

- Grab a takeaway snack and sit in the courtyard outside Bath Abbey. Let the energy of this passionate city wash over you.