Meet the Driver-Guides


Our driver-guides are a lot like you. They know your once-in-a-lifetime trip isn’t a checklist of 'must-sees', and each of their journeys with you is considered an adventure. They know your experiences should blend local stories with epic destinations. So who are these adventure-Gandalfs?

Let’s meet the people who take you around these beautiful areas of Scotland, Wales, England, Ireland, Northern Ireland, and Europe.



The world is full of stories. You’ll find them hiding in a quiet alley in an even quieter English village, in the ruins of an Irish abbey, swimming beneath the surface of a dark Scottish loch. And our driver-guides are like truffle pigs for these stories.  

What Makes Our Driver-Guides Unique?

Some of them are history enthusiasts and can tell you who owned every castle on an Ireland tour. Others are geologists and know how old all the mountains of Wales are. And a few of them are joke-telling-people-pleasing locals who’ll dedicate themselves to making you love their country as much as they do.

But remember, they're not here to stand in your way. On every UK, Ireland, and Europe tour, you get the free-time and space to explore the destinations in your own way. Whatever it is that drew you to visit this city, this village, this castle, this is your chance to experience it. Be sure to look at the local attractions available to you when booking our small-group tours.

You’ll see them once you’ve selected your Rabbie’s tour. Just choose what you want from the list of the attractions we can pre-book for you and add it to the booking to guarantee your ticket.

Our Driver-Guides You May Meet on a Tour

Although you cannot choose your specific driver-guide when booking your tours, each person brings the fun and will leave you feeling like a local.

Discover our friendly faces before hopping aboard our comfortable 16-seat mini-coaches.

Helen Sim

Helen has been working for Rabbie's for 11 years

"I have always loved talking! Especially about all things Scotland. It’s also important to me to be able to spend a lot of time outdoors. Being a driver-guide with Rabbie’s combines both of those things perfectly. Which means I can tour Scotland while sharing all the interesting, and sometimes crazy, stories picked up along the way."

Jim Divine

Jim has been working for Rabbie's for over 4 years

"Becoming a driver-guide was influenced by my photography work. When I was out on photography trips, I saw and spoke to Rabbie’s guides all over the country and loved the idea of the job. Who wouldn’t want to have the opportunity to show people all the wonderful places Scotland has to offer?"

Lizzie Fenwick

Lizzie has been working for Rabbie's since 2023

“Years ago I took a group of friends from overseas on a tour around Scotland for a couple of days and had loads of fun. I then realised that it’s something that people actually do for a living, and I have never looked back! It’s the best job in the world."

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