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Discover a Wealth of Wonder in Wales


Might look familiar to you. Might seem like a made-up word. We can assure you it’s not. It's the name of a town in Wales, just one of this incredible country's many quirks.

Boasting culture and an ancient language that will make your tongue twist, a tour of Wales is nothing short of exciting. For a small country, Wales is mighty in its offerings. Being the land of castles, there are over 400 scattered across the region, allowing you the perfect retreat to step back in time and pretend you are of noble descent. But castle tours are not the only activity on offer for a small-group tour. Full of legends, welcoming locals, and sweet coastline villages, Wales is waiting for you to arrive.

Planning Your Wales Tour

After experiencing this country for ourselves, we’d like to think we can be your helping hand when planning your next tour of Wales. From choosing your departure point, to booking your excursions and travel accommodation, we’re here to help make planning your trip to Wales easier. Whether you depart from London, Manchester or Bristol, we can provide a small-group tour that suits all types of travellers. Ready to climb on board?

Travel Wales Responsibly

With four UNESCO World Heritages Sites to its name, and many more breathtaking locations to visit, Wales is a place we want to cherish and tour for many more years to come. Which is why one of our missions is to protect the places we love. We do this through our responsible travel initiative. Through this, we donate, volunteer, use small mini-coaches and do as much as we can to protect locations for future generations to enjoy. Hop on board one of our Wales tours to see the work we do for yourself.

Why You'll Love a Wales Tour


Countless castles

Wales may be small, but it certainly wasn't a pushover. Over centuries the Welsh built 600 castles. And even though many of them are now in ruins, you’ll still be amazed at the diversity of these defensive buildings. And what’s more is they’re usually located in gorgeous hilltop locations.

Almost too beautiful

National parks cover 20% of Wales. You have the stunning and rugged coastlines of the Pembrokeshire Coast. You have the rolling plains and hidden caves of the Brecon Beacons. And you have the altitude defying mountains of Snowdonia. So, if you’re looking for natural wonders, then look no further and visit Wales.

The land of legends

In Wales, history is tangled with myths. And there’s a legend about every hill and lake you pass by. Listen to the tale of the red dragon and how it’s become the national animal. Hear the moving story of Gelert, the dog, and his heroic deed. And discover the places connected to King Arthur.


The longest place name in Europe means 'St Mary's Church in the Hollow of the White Hazel near a Rapid Whirlpool and the Church of St. Tysilio near the Red Cave'. And if you think this is some sort of joke, then you’re right. Because this name was given as a publicity stunt in the 1860s. You’ll come across many of these odd facts as you journey through Wales.

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