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Glenveagh National Park Ireland

How to Spend 5 Days in Ireland

Posted on 22 Jan 2024

5 days in Ireland, where do we start? This small but incredibly lively nation is home to a wealth of culture waiting for you to unpack like a treasure box. But with limited time on your hands, how do you prioritize what to see and what to leave off the list for this time around? Having visited Ireland frequently, we like to think we have insider knowledge that we are happy to share with you. Having a plan is key to any journey so let's take you behind the scenes to our planning of a 5-day trip to Ireland.

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Is 5 Days Enough Time in Ireland?
3 Things to Help Plan a 5-Day Tour of Ireland
A 5-Day Trip to Ireland Itinerary For Inspiration

Is 5 Days Enough Time in Ireland?

In 5 days, you can see some of the best sights a tour of Ireland has to offer. In our opinion, we’d recommend focusing on 1 or 2 areas of Ireland and branching out from the major cities. For example, in 5 days you can tour the Southwest coast, or combine a journey from Belfast and see Northern Ireland. Either option allows you to get under the skin of this country and have you walking around like a local in no time.

3 Things to Help Plan a 5 Day Tour of Ireland

Deciding to tour the Emerald Isle for the length of a working week is the first step in your planning process. With these 5 days in Ireland locked in, you can begin to fill in the fundamental gaps of making your trip a reality.

What Kind of Trip Do You Want to Have?

The style of your 5 day trip can vary from traveler to traveler. Solo travelers, family reunions, or friends exploring new territories together, there is a route for all. It's for this reason why no one set itinerary will suit everyone who visits Ireland for this length of time. However, having the availability of multiple routes can provide inspiration as to what you may want to achieve from your visit.

Relaxing, action-packed, or driven by a desire to uncover family history, Ireland in 5 days can provide all of the above. Whatever your reason for visiting, our best tip is to decide early on whether you want to stay primarily in the cities, venture to the open landscape of the countryside, or combine both. Not only will this help to eliminate areas which you aren’t interested in, but it can highlight key landmarks which make it to your non-negotiable list.

giants causeway northern ireland

What Are The Non-Negotiable Spots You Want to Visit?

There must have been something which drew your attention to Ireland in the first place. Was it the captivating myths and legends passed through the generations? Historical castles you can tour? Maybe you’ve started researching your family tree and found a link, which makes you want to tread the land they once trod. All these scenarios can make your 5-day tour more meaningful.

If you’re still sourcing inspiration as to what to pack into your 5-day Ireland trip, here are five of the top landmarks and areas this country has to provide its guests:

  • Northern Ireland - Being a popular destination for visitors, Northern Ireland often makes the list as its an easily accessible location thanks to its international airports
  • Giant Causeway - Located within Northern Ireland, the Giants Causeway makes it to many visitors' lists, as they want to see the remains of the ancient volcanic eruption
  • Cliffs of Moher - With captivating views over the Atlantic, it’s no surprise the Cliffs of Moher are a key stopping point for guests
  • Dingle Peninsula - Located along the Wild Atlantic Way, the Dingle Peninsula has beautiful views overlooking the coastline. It's even a popular spot for film directors, with the likes of Star Wars being shot here
  • Wild Atlantic Way - The whole of the Wild Atlantic Way is a desirable 5-day route in Ireland. Offering captivating west coastal landscapes, locals can introduce you to the traditional celtic culture

Think About Your Starting Point

Your starting point for any small-group trip can help determine your overall route. Flying in from overseas? Your starting point for 5 days in Ireland may be restricted by the international airports which can accommodate your flight. As this is often the case for many travelers, you may start your week's journey in Ireland from Belfast, commence your tour from Dublin, or even look to begin from County Clare.

International Irish Airports which accommodate flights from USA:

A 5 Day Trip to Ireland Itinerary For Inspiration

Having set your 5 day Ireland trip fundamentals, planning a rough itinerary can help to keep structure to your days. Let us walk you through one of our popular 5-day Irish tours from Dublin to give you inspiration for your trip. Alternatively, book with us and we can take the hassle of planning off your hands, allowing you to enjoy your adventure.

londonderry northern ireland

Northern Ireland & Atlantic Coast - 5 day tour

Starting point: Dublin
Tour Highlights: Belfast & the Titanic Quarter, The Wild Atlantic Way, Galway

Starting in the capital of Ireland, in 5 days you can experience the north of the country and along the Atlantic coast. But where are the best places to visit in Northern ireland? With a ready-made itinerary on hand, take inspiration or book our guided Ireland tour to make visiting easy.

Day 1:

  • Kicking of the first of five days in Ireland, explore the historic city of Belfast
  • It's here you can learn of turbulent past and industrial heritage which still glimmers through today
  • The Titanic Quarter is also on our agenda to visit while in Belfast
  • Next we move onto an Area of Natural Beauty, the glens and coast of Antrim
  • To round off day 1, walk where giants fought at the unique landscape of the Giant’s Causeway

Day 2:

  • Day 2 begins marveling at the 17th-century walled city of Londonderry/Derry
  • As we move through the rugged mountains of Donegal, immerse yourself in the Gaelic culture
  • Finalizing the second of five days in Ireland, experience the haunting beauty of the remote Glenveagh National Park

Day 3:

  • Halfway through our five days in Ireland, we begin wandering amongst the ancient standing stones of Carrowmore
  • We then move to explore the bogs and misty moors of County Mayo
  • Rounding out the day, gaze at the magnificent sea cliffs of Achill Island

Day 4:

  • On the penultimate day of our 5 days in Ireland, explore the Connemara National Park’s verdant marshes and incredible historical sites
  • Kylemore Abbey is next on the list and is fantastic for a stroll around the grounds
  • Roam Clifden, the site of the first transatlantic flight landing and home to a delightful castle
  • Encapture the seemingly infinite blend of earth and sky at sunset on the Sky Road
  • Twelve Bens is our final spot for the day. Prepare to be stunned by the famous jagged mountain range of Connemara

Day 5:

  • Day 5 / 5 in Ireland starts by gazing into the past at the iconic 7th century ruins of Cong Abbey
  • Walk the iconic locations of The Quiet Man on the scenic shores of Lough Corrib
  • Finish the final day by enjoying the culture, sea views, and historic streets of Galway City

If this route suits your initial plans of a 5 day trip to Ireland, book our Northern Ireland & Atlantic Coast - 5 day tour and secure your seat.

Missing something? We also have our Escape to the South West 5 day tour, or our Centuries of Stories: Ireland's South−East 5 day tour to consider. Whatever route you choose to take, 5 days in Ireland is a magical experience for any traveler to undertake.

Uncover Ireland in 5 Days For Yourself

While 5 days may not be the longest time to explore the beautiful Emerald Isles, you can sure pack a lot into your visit. Whether staying in the cities and being cultured by the locals, to marveling at the rugged coastlines of the Atlantic Way, each provides a taste of traditional Ireland that you will want to bottle up and take home with you. To seek more hidden treasures along your journey, explore our best places to visit in Belfast, where we share our must-visit locations. To ensure you don’t miss out, sign up to our newsletter, where you can be the first to know about new locations and tour dates on offer.

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