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5 Best Things You Must Do in Spain This Summer

Posted on 22 Mar 2024

The list of things to do in Spain provides endless opportunities to explore this part of Europe, but how do you know what's worth your time? The one thing we can all take away from travelling to a new location is how helpful personal recommendations can be. So let us be your helping hand and showcase our top five favourite things to do while in Spain.

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What Are 5 Best Things to Do in Spain?

Flamboyant festivals, heartwarming cuisines, and a fiery, emotive language that can onset goosebumps to your skin. This is Spain, and it’s ready to welcome you this season. But touring Spain is not just about appreciating their mother tongue and cuisines, their rich display of history and culture is to be admired too. Be sure to give yourself enough time to dive into the depth of your chosen Spanish region when visiting this part of Europe. Who knows, you may even be able to fit a siesta or two in!

Sample Rioja in its Home Region of La Rioja

Whether they make up the majority of your wine collection, or you’re looking to try something new, Spanish wines are among the best in the world. Known internationally, La Rioja is the Northern hub for all things Spanish wine, and what an extensive hub it is. Tempranillo is Rioja’s most famous grape, which is why many who visit this region favour the full-bodied red wine selection on offer. While you can easily spend the whole of your 13-day European trip in this area, our recommended 6-day tour allows you to experience Northern Spain in all its glory. So sit back and let your taste buds dance the salsa contained within each sip, when joining a wine tour in this European region.

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Dine on Paella in Valencia

Valencia is the home of paella, need we say more? As the official birthplace to the national food dish of Spain, Valencia is one of the best regions to visit. Containing fragrant spices, this rice dish, often accompanied by seafood or chicken, is a must-try when in this area. But why not take your tasting experience to the next level? Cooking classes are widely available in the region and can be a fun way to not only sample the dish, but also hone in on a new skill. So whether you’re touring solo, or within a group, you may be able to find this additional activity to suit your travel itinerary.

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Be Mesmerised By Alhambra & the Moorish Landscapes in Granada

One of the best things you can do in Spain is stop within Granada’s Old Town. Draped in a tapestry of colourful wares and exotic smells, you won’t want to miss the star of the show, the Alhambra. As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it's almost a right of passage to visit this region and marvel in the architecture. Luckily for you, we feature this landmark on several of our 13 or 3 - 4 day European tours. After choosing your length of stay, all that's left to do is read our very own Bron’s experience of seeing the best Moorish architecture in Spain. It really is one of the best things to do while visiting Spain.

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Soak in Seville’s Rich Heritage

If history and heritage is one of your top things to do in Spain, let Seville be the place to immerse yourself. Housing three UNESCO World Heritage Sites and a royal palace, Spain’s fourth largest city is as majestic as its sounds. Spend your days embracing the city's rich architecture, displaying the complex history of events gone by, and see if you can pinpoint the Muslim and Catholic influences. Each street has a story to tell, it's just a matter of whether you’re ready to listen? To get a local’s viewpoint, join a small-group tour, which is hosted by an english-speaking guide. They’re more than happy to share whispers and tales passed through the generations that may not necessarily be written in travel books.

If you’re still seeking the top things to do in Seville this season, why not read our own experiences and see if they fit within your itinerary.

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Experience One of The Oldest Cultures in Europe in the Basque Region

Tucked away on the border of Spain and France is a region that is proud of its long standing culture. This is the Basque Country.

Dating back some 35,000 years, an interesting fact about the Basque region is that they have one of the oldest cultures within Europe. Alongside that, the people of Basque even have their own language, Euskera, and have been fighting for independence since 1839. It's all of these unique differences which makes it one of the must-do things while in Spain.

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Top Five FAQs Before Visiting Spain

When is the Best Time to Visit Spain?

March - June or September - October are great times to visit Spain. With a Mediterranean climate situated in many Spanish regions, these out-of-peak months mean you can enjoy your explorations while not needing many layers. Discover our range of spring tours and autumn trips to whet your appetite for the seasons ahead.

Summer is still a popular time to enjoy this European destination, however, be prepared for more tourists as families head to the region once children break up from school.


What Language is Spoken in Spain?

Varying by region, the primary language spoken is Spanish, but English is still quite a common alternative. However, additional languages you may hear include:

  • Catalan - Spoken in Catalonia
  • Galician - Spoken in Galicia
  • Basque / Euskera - Spoken in Basque Country


Is Spain a Good Destination for Families?

Yes, Spain is a good destination for families of any age. Whether travelling with babies and toddlers, or teenagers and grandparents, the region has many activities to offer its guests. Our list of things to do in Spain only scratches the surfaces of what’s on offer, so be sure to take recommendations from locals while visiting too.


Should I Visit Northern or Southern Spain?

The decision to visit northern or southern Spain is solely on personal preference. To help make your decision easier, we have noted the highlights to each region, hopefully allowing you to decide and make planning what you want to do in Spain more seamless.

Northern Spain: Full of open green spaces and a slightly cooler climate, attractive for wine makers, the north of the country’s culture could be considered a slower pace. But it’s far from boring! Northern Spain is where you’ll be the happiest if you want to embrace culture, history, and heritage. With the likes of the Basque region situated in the north, its worlds away from the party life atmosphere.

Southern Spain: Features the warmer mediterranean climate many visitors crave to experience, all the while housing main party destinations. Seen as the typical sun-drenched beach destinations, if you’re a sun worshipper, the south is calling to be explored. This isn’t to say you won’t experience any culture in the south. With cities such as Seville and Granada housed here, some of the best things to do while visiting Spain are in the south.


How Many Days is Best to Travel Around Spain?

Spain can be toured in as little as 3 - 4 Days or over a longer two week period. It all depends on your travel style and preferences for what you want to see. With a shorter weekend stay, you could focus on one city, while a two or more week period provides the freedom to connect wider regions together.

Join Your Amigos on a Spanish Tour

With a wealth of insider knowledge, joining your amigos in the beautiful European country of Spain has never been easier. When booking with us, you’re paired with an english-speaking guide who is ready to share their local tips and tricks with you, all while being driven safely around. Ensure you’re signed up to our newsletter and never miss out on knowing our new destinations or tour dates.

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