Autumn Tours

Escape the Crowds on an Autumn Tour

Fewer crowds. Cooler temperatures. And warming haze-coloured scenery. These are just a handful of reasons to participate in a small-group autumn tour. With crisp, burnt-orange leaves trailing the ground and the refreshing breeze tickling your neck, touring Britain and Ireland in the autumn months can leave you wanting to return again for another season. 

British & Irish Autumn Tours to Explore

While our Scotland tours allow you to trace your feet along iconic lochs and Highlands, England tours tempt with a wealth of grand architecture to explore. Wales tours can leave you feeling like a hero after a day wandering the castle ruins. Or maybe you want to reveal in the myths and legends an Ireland tour has to offer?  

Let our driver-guides take you there this autumn. With a backpack (and possibly an umbrella) in tow, explore the sights so many get to call home, all while you soak in the local stories and myths. Maybe some are true. Maybe some have been exaggerated through the generations. Either way, they help bring our autumn tours to life.    


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Why You'll Love an Autumn Tour

More Freedom to Explore

Autumn tours can encapsulate all that’s fun during the warmer seasons, but with less haste. Picture this. You’re stepping down from our 16-seat mini-coaches, camera in hand, and the castle you have been reading about for the past three weeks is in front of you. But there're little to no queues, so it’s easier to explore the castle and imagine the events that happened here. The bliss of touring during the autumn months suddenly makes sense.

Nature's Greatest Shows

Nature out of peak season can bring just as much of a show to its visitors as in the warmer months. But what can you expect? Alongside the warming tones of the falling leaves, on an autumn tour you may see majestic birds take flight. Or even an annual deer rut? How about the rugged Highland coos? Stay curious and capture the colours and sounds of nature on one of our autumn tours.

Planning Your Autumn Tour

You’ve made the choice to visit Britain and Ireland during September, October, or November. But what next? Our range of autumn tours have been curated so you can experience the best the lands have to offer. Whether you depart from London, our Edinburgh departure point or maybe starting your tour in Dublin. We can provide a small group, autumn tour that suits all types of travellers. From solo travellers to friends or family spending quality time together. Discover the fun of a Rabbie’s tour.

Travel Responsibly This Autumn

Helping to protect the places we love is one of our values. Through our responsible travel initiative, we donate, volunteer, use small mini-coaches, and do as much as we can to protect locations for future generations to enjoy. Hop on board one of our autumn tours to see the work we do for yourself.

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