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Rosslyn Chapel Gargoyle

5 Things You Never Knew About Rosslyn Chapel

Posted on 26 Jan 2018

Scotland always puzzles you.

You contemplate whether there’s a monster in Loch Ness. You wonder why the ancient Scots loved stone circles so much. And you never quite understand how they came up with the recipe for haggis. Yet nowhere is as thought-provoking as Rosslyn Chapel.

This stunning chapel is located outside of Edinburgh and has flummoxed historians, movie-makers, and visitors for centuries. Intricately carved stone-work is laced with strange symbolism, ancient cults appear behind every story, and alien activity frequently gets reported by UFO hunters.

So, we unearthed some of the strangest stories surrounding Rosslyn Chapel for you. Read on and see if you can solve the mysteries.

1. Aliens. Lots of Aliens

Rosslyn Chapel Stargate

Whenever something is hard to explain, there’s always someone who claims that aliens are involved. And Rosslyn Chapel is no different.

They suggest the chapel is a stargate for extra-terrestrials to pass into our world because of the otherworldly geometric patterns, which are obviously too beautiful and strange to be the work of a human.

But it’s not the only stargate. The Pyramids of Giza, Stonehenge, and many more of history’s masterpieces were apparently made by aliens. And the UFO hunters have a point, these are very strange artefacts of the past.

And there’s even a bit of support for this theory. The area boasts loads more UFO sightings than average, and there are a few carvings that look a little like reptilian aliens.

Do you believe this ancient chapel could be a gateway to other worlds?

2. A Musical Masterpiece

Rosslyn Chapel Music Mystery

Everyone who visits Rosslyn Chapel is bewildered by the complexity of the detailed patterns.

So, it’s no surprise it intrigued a 75-year-old musician and his son, an ex-code breaker. The two of them visited the chapel and immediately knew there was something more to the unique geometry. So, they spent 27 years trying to crack the code.

And eventually, they had a breakthrough. They saw angels playing instruments and 213 geometric cube carvings accompanying them in the arches. And to their amazement, they found the geometric patterns on the cubes correlated to a Chladni Pitch, which are the patterns sand and liquid makes on a flat surface when certain tones are played.

By looking at these for the notes and an angel that points to a musical staff for the key, they managed to understand the architecture as a giant musical score.

You can listen to the piece of music here.

You may want to believe this story because it sounds exciting. But there’s some issues. You could argue the pattern’s similarity to Chladni Pitch is coincidental. And how did these architects create this 200 years before the Chladni Pitch was created?

3. The Murdered Apprentice

Murdered Apprentice Pillar

Rosslyn Chapel’s beautiful stonework is incredible. But perhaps the highlight is the Apprentice Pillar. Yet the story behind this pillar isn’t so lovely, it’s actually a little scary. Here’s the condensed version of the tale.

While building the chapel, the master mason went to Rome for inspiration. He entrusted his apprentice to follow his instructions until his return. Yet the apprentice was an ambitious young man, so he started changing the designs and created this pillar himself.

If you thought this would impress the master mason, you’re gravely mistaken. When the master mason saw this beautiful the pillar, he was enraged by jealousy. He struck down the apprentice in rage and killed him.

No one knows if this is fact or fiction. But there’s some evidence supporting the story.

Firstly, there’s a carving of a young man with a mysterious cut on his forehead, possibly signifying the dead apprentice. And secondly, the history books tell us chapel construction was delayed at one point because of a violent deed.

Who knows what this apprentice could have created if he had continued his life.

4. Curious Carvings

Corn Carving Rosslyn chapel

You can easily spot symbolism in a lot of cathedrals and churches. You find the stories of Christ, the Virgin Mary, and all the saints. But in Rosslyn Chapel, there are unexplainable motifs.

Firstly, there’s the apprentice pillar. The vine twirling around the pillar that’s at the core of the chapel undeniably looks like the helix DNA structure that’s at the core of all life. Did the ancients somehow know about molecular DNA?

Then there’s a carving of corn. This may sound like the most uninteresting thing in this mighty chapel. But it’s completely, bafflingly mind-blowing. Because it looks exactly like a cob of corn, and this chapel predates Christopher Columbus’ journey to America. How on earth did Scotland know about America’s indigenous plant life?

Most famously, you find the green man carvings. There are a hundred of these dotted around the chapel. But why? The green man symbolises the pagan gods that Christianity had banished. So why would this church allow them to be depicted everywhere?

5. What's Buried Beneath

Rosslyn chapel burried

Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code explored one of the strangest mysteries of Rosslyn Chapel.

And it’s the conspiracy that involves the notorious Knights Templar.

It depends how deep you go, but this connection suggests the crucifixion cross, the blood of Jesus, the head of Jesus, the holy grail, and the knights themselves may all be hidden within the grounds of Rosslyn chapel.

Here’s our summary of the story.

In 1119, the Roman Catholic Church founded the order of the Knights Templar. And you wouldn’t want to pick a fight with these guys.

They were the most skilled warriors in Europe. They were exempt from all local laws and answered only to the pope. Their innovative banking systems throughout the crusades gave them power over 1,000 fortifications. And they were always the first into battle.

It’s even said at the Battle of Montgisard, an army of 500 Templar soldiers defeated an army of 26,000.

And during the Crusades, they acquired the remains of the Solomon’s Temple that’s referenced in the bible. It’s not known what they found there, it could be the Holy Grail or even the remains of Jesus. But whatever it was, it made them extraordinarily powerful.

The Crusades declined in the 13th century. The Muslim world became more united while communication issues pervaded the Christian factions. The end of this war gave the Templars less purpose, however after 200 years of integration they still had power and authority in towns throughout Europe.

The Templars became a ‘state within a state’, and this created a whole lot of tension.

What’s more is King Phillip IV of France hated the Templars because he was in debt to them after using their services in his war against the English.

So, he seized upon the dark rumours that entrenched the Templars and ordered their arrest. It didn’t take him long to have them burnt at a stake for practising indecent kissing, financial corruption, and false idolisation.

But legend says many of the Templars escaped to Scotland with the treasure from Solomon’s Temple. It was a safe place to hide. They weren’t outlawed there, and they owned land. And one of their properties was only 9 miles from Rosslyn Chapel.

There are many theories that support this idea. The St. Clair family had ties with the Templars, Robert the Bruce fought with them, the chapel has a hidden chamber, and there are Templar symbols within the chapel.

Though sadly, there are no solid facts to support these theories.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the intrigue and excitement that’s offered in the Da Vinci Code, The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail, and other fictional conspiracy books.

If you want to learn more about the mysteries of the Rosslyn Chapel visit their official website or take a tour there yourself.

Image 1, 2, 3, 4 - RCT/Antonia Reeve
Image 5 - RCT/Vic Sharp

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