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What to Pack for a Winter Break in Britain

Posted on 6 Sep 2017


We understand that bad weather can put a damper on your trip. But with a little planning, you can prepare for the worst without needing extra luggage.

This little guide has some lessons we’ve learnt while being out on the road throughout the year. What we’ve discovered is to try and cover every season but also not to panic, because you should remember it’s just weather! And the climate is never so crazy it stops you having an amazing time as you discover everything Britain and Ireland has to offer.

1. A sturdy water-proof jacket

The perfect protection from precipitation! You should take a waterproof on any trip to the UK. And it’s always good to put it at the top of you bag for easy access. Our driver-guides rarely go far without one, and they’re lightweight and inexpensive, and so much better than an umbrella that can turn in on itself in the wind.

2. Good shoes

It’s hard choosing what shoes to wear when you’re travelling, even just for a short break. But your best bet is to choose a pair that’s comfortable and dry. And be careful, because even if you spend hundreds of pounds on a new pair of walking boots, a pair that you've never worn can rub and cause blisters.

3. Layers!

Rather than guessing what weather you might come across on your travels, you should pack layers. Multiple layers of clothes will keep you toasty warm and are easily discarded if the sun comes out. Perfect for all seasons.

4. Sunglasses

This may sound ridiculous if you believe Great Britain is just grey and wet. But trust us, our driver-guides swear by them, and across the country we regularly receive all four seasons in a day. When the sun comes out as you cross Dartmoor, step out on to Warwick Castle's battlements, or gaze out over Neist Point, you don’t want to have to squint your eyes!

5. Plastic bags of all shapes and sizes

After a rainy day, damp clothes can make the rest of the items in your suitcase wet. So, our tip is to use plastic bags. Seperate underwear, dirty clothes, and technology with plastic bags and you can avoid a smelly mildew-ridden luggage.

6. Knitwear

This one is a personal favourite. Because at the end of a long day exploring the local sights there's nothing better than finding a good pub with a log fire and sinking into your best jumper. You have to love a little knitwear.

7. Gloves

When there's a chilly wind, it's obvious you should put on gloves. But what's less obvious is that you should get a pair that allows you to use your touch screen devices. There's nothing worse than trying to snap pictures and having to keep taking a glove on and off!

8. An extra pair of socks

You can’t go wrong packing an extra pair of socks. Maybe you'll use them if your feet get wet, or maybe you'll use them when you're feeling a little chilly. Or perhaps, they could be for making sock puppets out of to make your new friends laugh! Whatever the reason, you’d miss them if you didn't pack them.

9. Bobble hat and scarf


You only have to watch The Snowman or Harry Potter to see the benefits of a nice warm hat and scarf. They look the part, keep you warm, and are easy to remove if you get a little too cosy. The only choice you have to make is what house colours you’ll get them in (Gryffindor obviously).

10. Hipflask

If it’s a bit nippy out and you need a little warming up, what better than a wee dram? Be careful though, because you can have too much of a good thing, even a fine whisky! And you may find putting on a bobble hat becomes much trickier after a little of Scotland’s national tipple. It might be better waiting until you can visit a distillery!

11. A positive attitude

There are two ways to describe rain as you leave your hotel, “Oh no, it’s raining” or “Oh, it’s raining”. The weather may not be ideal, but the experience can still be a memorable one. Our TripAdvisor page is full of reviews that mention the weather once but then go on to say they wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Come ready to enjoy Great Britain and Ireland as they are, not as you’d hoped they would be, and you’ll have a much better experience!

And if you want to get more advice on packing for your Rabbie's tour, check out this blog.

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