Winter Tours in UK & Ireland

Warm the Soul with a Winter Tour of Britain & Ireland

Crisp, cooling air on your skin and the roaring fire crackling in the corner of the local pub. This is what you can experience when you partake in a winter tour of the UK and Ireland. Our small-group tours allow you to explore the captivating scenery this land is famous for, and if you come here during cooler seasons, you’ll enjoy exploring with fewer crowds and you’ll discover our lesser-known festive traditions.

Whether you opt for a Scottish tour of the mainland, a tour of England's historic cities or a tour of Ireland's coastal landscapes, experiencing our winter holidays from November until the end of March will leave you wanting to return for the other magical seasons.  


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Warm Your Soul with a Winter Private Tour

This is where you let your imagination run wild. That Scottish adventure you and your friends have always talked about? Now is the time to make it happen, and we're here to help. With our special winter offer, starting from only £35 per person per day, you can get the bespoke experience you're looking for.

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Why take a tour in winter?

Yours to Explore with Less Crowds

Picture this, you roam the scenic landscape with new found friends and you soak up the mystical stories from your knowledgeable driver-guide. Capturing the moments shared on a wintery day away has never been easier. With reduced numbers of visitors, you can explore knowing there are less queues at attractions and fewer tourists to crop out of your photos. Taking a tour during the winter months is as rewarding as in a different season.

See a Different Side

We love flowers in spring. The burn of heather in autumn. The shine of the sun in summer. But the dust of snow on a wild landscape is a special kind of beauty. And it's waiting to be discovered.

You might be surprised by how many tours we run throughout winter, so why not treat yourself to an adventure?

Support the Local Community

Our winter tours are vital for local communities in quieter seasons. And getting to know the locals is a chance to experience our famous warm welcome. Hear their stories, get expert insights into the best attractions to visit, and stay in comfortable travel accommodation. You'll be giving back to these families and supporting the local economies when they need it most.

Winter Traditions

We’re not going to lie. Britain receives less light in winter. But over the course of thousands of years, customs and traditions have evolved to brighten up the season in fantastic ways, from Hogmanay in Edinburgh to Guy Fawkes Night.

Especially in our departure cities, our driver-guides will be on hand to point you to the best of the events.

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