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Experience 'Real-Life' Bridgerton

Posted on 19 Feb 2021

Yes, we too have been caught up in Lady Whistledown gossip, the period love story with a twist, and of course, the Duke’s spoon. The team at Rabbie’s are incredibly excited to bring the UK’s lockdown Bridgerton TV binge into reality. As soon as travel is permitted, we’ll offer Bridgerton escorted tours to your favourite filming locations.

Our private tours team craft detailed tours, taking you on a themed adventure of wealth, lust and betrayal across England. Here are examples of one-day Bridgerton tours departing from London.

Tour 1: Dear readers, promenade through the best of London’s social scene

London has always been the centre of the social scene, and it’s not hard to see why. This one-day themed tour of the UK’s capital city starts with a panoramic drive in the Rabbie’s carriage to Syon House in Brentford. This is a Grade-I listed building in West London and the 200-acre estate of the Duke of Northumberland, it features in the much-loved series with scenes including Simon’s Father in his study and Queen Charlotte having dinner.

After this, envision the sovereign as you enjoy lunch in Painshill Park in Cobham, flocked to by all the upper-class families in Bridgerton.

In the afternoon, Rabbie’s take you to Greenwich, the historic neighbourhood which has always been the place to be seen. This includes Ranger’s House which is featured in the show as the Bridgerton’s family house. You’re guaranteed to finish the day in a regency haze and in love with London’s heritage sites.

Tour 2: Dear readers, London’s reputation is everything

On this one-day Bridgerton tour departing from London, you’re be able to relive the romance of the iconic series all over again. This tour starts in historic Greenwich at Ranger’s House which stars as the Bridgerton’s family house in the series. This majestic and grand building now houses a world-renowned art collection, completely worthy of such a well-respected family.

After this, you fall hook, line and sinker for the dramatic aspects of the regency world at the Historic Dockyards in Chatham. This is featured often in media productions and is where Lady Featherington takes Marina to show her the slums, as well as the location of Simon and Will’s tense boxing scenes.

All this scandal is likely to require a promenade and gossip around Painshill Park which features in the series as Primrose Hill. This day-out will truly be a wonderful way to turn your winter TV binge into reality as soon as travel is permitted.

Tour 3: Dear readers, this is the glamour of Regency-era Bath

Bath in south-west England has always been synonymous with Austen-era glamour and glitz. This jaw-dropping city is incredibly well-preserved, and you can spot not one, not two, but three of the most recognisable locations in the Bridgerton series. This one-day tour starts at Lady Danbury’s estate which is filmed at the Holburne Museum. This is instantly recognisable and you can imagine yourself being presented to her majesty, Queen Charlotte.

This is followed by a two-hour promenade through the historical streets leaving you hungry at Pickled Greens, known as the Modiste and the home of the pre-ball excitement as ladies buy their made to measure gowns.

The gorgeous Royal Crescent is next, where the Featherington family lived amongst one of the greatest examples of Georgian architecture in the UK. However, the crown jewel of this is the breath-taking Wilton House, which is featured in every episode and is suitably extravagant. After a day of immersing yourself in the romantic lifestyle of the Bridgerton high society, you arrive back to the hustle and bustle of London in the early evening.

These private tours are guaranteed to give you the escapism you need after so many months at home, and we are thrilled that The Luxe Bible is also ready to seize the opportunity to relive the romance and grandeur of the much-loved series.

Find out more about private tours here.

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