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Award Winning Small Group Tours


What do you guarantee? 

We make every effort and commitment to ensure that your time with us is the most enriching, enjoyable and memorable experience possible. We’ve been delivering small group tours since 1993 and in that time we’ve become recognised as the best at what we do.
So much so we have developed a unique set of guarantees when you choose to travel with us.

Guaranteed Small Groups - Maximum of 16 passengers

Touring with no more than 16 passengers gives you more. More personal attention, more time with the locals, more time off the bus, more time on the back-roads and just more of an all-round memorable experience. Rabbie’s is committed to delivering unique and enriching tours, with stories to share and memories that will last you a lifetime.

Guaranteed Departures - You book, you go!

Simple and straightforward! That’s how we like things and you tell us, that’s how you like things too! So, when you choose to book with us, you’re going - no minimum numbers. Guaranteed!

Guaranteed Experience - Or your money back!

If you feel you’ve not had the experience you deserved, and we’re at fault, we’ll give you your money back ~ NO QUESTION!
We believe we have to live up to our word and the promises we make and we are only happy when you are too. That’s why we introduced this ethical guarantee so that if we do ever get things wrong you have the peace of mind that we will refund your tour for the inconvenience we’ve caused you.