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Our biggest and most exciting news to report is that Rabbie's has reached her 20th birthday! On the 15th February 1993 Robin, CEO, began a journey that would see his dreams of operating a successful tour company become reality. Twenty years on, we are celebrating this incredible achievement.

With borrowed money from his brother Robin set off on a road trip where he began the huge task of researching routes, and finding the hidden gems of our fantastic country. Robin started to compile tour itineraries providing the backing for his idea of creating 'off the beaten track' small group tours, his dream was turning into a viable concept!

Rabbie's began with a second hand bus, some advertising flyers and a lot of will power, hard work and belief.

Within two years Robin's dream had taken flight. With a second bus he then employed his very first full time employees to help him establish the company as a small enterprise with a very big reputation!

Year on year Rabbie's has grown from its humble beginnings into one of the most respected tour operators in the industry. With countless accolades and awards, repeat customers and a team of 80 talented lads and lassies behind the wheel and in the office, the future looks bright.

It is with our grateful thanks to everyone that has joined us on tour that we have reached such a milestone in our history.


With Rabbie's reaching her 20th birthday we celebrate some new changes within the structure of the company. Robin has decided to diversify his role within Rabbie's and has chosen to hand over the day to day operating of the company to a newly created board of directors, allowing him to further expand the Rabbie’s brand.

Hazel steps into the role of Managing Director, Calum becomes Director of Customer Experience, Jeff becomes Director of Operations and Gary becomes Director of I.T. Caroline is taking on the role of Sales Manager and Alec Operations Manager.

Hearty congratulations to all in their new positions.

Robin revealing his plans for Rabbie's

Culzean Castle
Hazel delivering her first speech as MD!

Rabbie's - ba a part of it!