Small group tours. Guided by storytellers

Driven by curiosity

Rabbie’s small group tours are driven by curiosity and guided by storytellers. We find the stories that go deeper and live longer in travellers' minds. On our journeys, everyone’s hungry for the little-known or just-happened, and we can go after them: no track too small, too trodden or obscure. No need for scripts, because our guides know places like the back of their hand.

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This is where you let your imagination run wild. That Scottish adventure you and your friends have always talked about? Now is the time to make it happen, and we're here to help. From only £35 per person per day, it's the perfect way to get the bespoke experience you're looking for.

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Why choose Rabbie's?

You learn from the best storytellers.

And this is no overstatement. Our driver-guides are world-famous for their knowledge, facts, quirky stories, history, and fairy tales. They truly take you beyond the guidebooks and into your adventure.

You explore in 16-seat mini-coaches.

This means you never get lost, you always take the scenic route, you have great views through large windows, and you’re free to sample the local tipple without worrying about driving.

You support local communities.

You do this because we take you to the lesser-known attractions and recommend locally-owned accommodation. For every ton of carbon we use, we donate £10 to environmental and community projects.

You make your trip your own.

We provide the timetable; and you can choose where you want to eat and which attractions you pay to see. So, if you want to skip a castle and read your book by a mountain view, you can.

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Small group tours last days, but their stories live forever

Big stories start small, and small stories are everywhere. That’s why we chase ‘what ifs’ and ‘why’s on every path, highway and the odd wrong way. Collecting stories you carry home and carry on as your own.

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