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Mountains, Whiskies, and Welcomes

You're sipping a wee dram of smoky whisky as you gaze out over a glistening loch. You and your new friends compare the photos you took of the Highland Coos you just spotted in a heather-covered moor. And someone is daring you to try haggis for dinner tonight...

This is Scotland. And you're on a Rabbie's tour. Maybe you’re on a 1 day tour out of Inverness, or perhaps you’ve decided to discover the Scottish islands on a 17-day’ adventure. The choice is yours. Which of Scotland’s most iconic landmarks call to you? Loch Ness and its enigmatic monster? The endless epic views of the Highlands? The raw beauty and legends of Skye?

Let our driver-guides take you there and share stories that go deeper and connect you with the land you travel through, its history, music, and culture.

Why you'll love Scotland

Epic tales and terrific traditions

Scotland is the birthplace of Sherlock Holmes, the television, and whisky. So, the culture is a mix of poetry, intellect, and fun.

The locals also love showing visitors a good time. So don’t be surprised when you’re invited to a Highland dance or regaled with folk tales at the local pub.

Famed beauty

Scotland’s landscapes are more dramatic than a superhero movie, more beautiful than a three carat diamond, and older than any of your grandparents’ stories.

From blonde beaches to serene mountains: you’ll discover the scenery lives up to its reputation.

A trove of secrets

It’s no secret Scotland has fascinating history. But what’s less known, is how much of it’s shrouded in mystery.

There are unexplained standing stones, untranslatable hieroglyphics, and unbelievable myths. So, keep your eyes peeled, your mind open, and your imagination switched on.

Natural flavours

Everyone wants a slice of Scotland’s local larder. The seafood is exported to the best restaurants, Angus beef is enjoyed everywhere, and whisky is loved worldwide.

And although these flavours travel far, there’s no place it tastes better than in Scotland.

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