A Land of Poems and Stories


Stories. It's how we communicate.

A picture of an old Scottish gentleman walking the moorlands outside his home town. A recount of a hilarious encounter we had while travelling solo. A bedtime story for our children, the same one we grew up on.

Ayrshire is a storyteller.

She's a romantic. A passionate traveller, a lover of history, brimming with stunning vistas. What will you fall in love with first? The opulent architecture? The beautiful verses of Robert Burns. That killer view? 

Step away from the beaten track. Listen for new stories. Seek out the lesser-known. Hunt for boast-worthy tales.

Ayrshire won't disappoint.

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Why you'll love Ayrshire


Discover more about Scotland’s National Bard, Robert Burns. From the humble cottage where he was born to the sites that inspired his poems; get immersed in the world of this great poet, romantic and observer of life.

Dunure Castle

Some castles in Scotland are more haunting than others. And Dunure Castle, perched on the edge of the sea, boasts sinister secrets and story of violence that sounds like it’s straight out a horror movie.

Culzean Castle and Gardens

Monumental, romantic, and splendid: This 18th-century castle enjoys one of the most dramatic locations, turrets with beautiful objects, and a staircase worth swooning for.


With its ever-changing coastline, mountains, peaceful beaches, and wildlife; this island lives up to the nickname of 'Scotland in Miniature'. Jump across the firth and discover its culture and mysteries.

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