Create Your Own Private Tour

Book a private tour and go on an exclusive adventure with your friends and family.

A simple 8-hour, 100-mile day tour in the UK with a driver-guide and a 16-seat vehicle costs around £465.

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How much does a private tour cost?

Prices depend on the length or your tour and what you want us to book for you. A simple 8-hour 100-mile day tour in the UK with a driver-guide and a 16-seat vehicle would cost around £465.

If you want overnight accommodation, meals and entrances included, the costs will be different. Just let us know what you're looking for and we'll work out the right price for you.

How is a private tour different to your other tours?

A private tour means you can create a unique tour to suit your own needs. You can choose who you go with, when you go, and you get a driver-guide and a private vehicle all to yourself. You can even decide the type of vehicle and whether you stay in luxurious castles or down-to-earth hostels.

Who are private tours for?

You may want to travel exclusively with your nearest and dearest. You could have a craving for more whisky that our usual tours provide. Or you may feel like tracing the routes of your ancestors. Our private tours are for passionate travellers ready to create a unique experience.

Where can a private tour go?

You can follow our routes and go anywhere in the UK and Ireland. If you need inspiration, look through our other tours, add the ones you like to your ‘favourites’, and imagine how you could join them up. If you wish to create a bespoke itinerary together with one of our tour consultants, please email