Wicklow Mountains

Wicklow Mountains


You’d never guess that a place like this could exist so close to Dublin.

How can two worlds so vastly different sit side-by-side? Suddenly, you're surrounded by an oasis of sky-reaching peaks and slumbering lakes.

Listen close. That's nature speaking to you. In the soft rustle of shaken trees. In the song of playful birds watching you from above. In the rush of a flowing stream, the water's always on its way to somewhere. But where? 

Don't say goodbye too soon. You've got a new world to explore. But when it's time to go, don't be sad by the farewell. Because, really, it's farewell for now.

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Why you'll love Wicklow Mountains

Ireland’s Largest National Park

Over 220 square miles of valleys, coastlines, and 800m mountains. Out of all Ireland’s six national parks, this one is the biggest of them all.

Fanciful Flora and Fauna

From feral goats to the graylag geese, the mountains are a nesting ground for many interesting animals. You’ll also find a selection of Ireland tallest and oldest trees throughout the park.

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