UK Rail Travel

Rabbie’s departure points span the length and breadth of the UK, to ensure wherever you arrive you have access to our award winning tours. 

By connecting our different departure points using the UK’s rail services, you can create incredible unique tours and see all the far reaching areas of the UK you have always wanted to see, in one incredible adventure of a lifetime.

This page is here to inspire you to create your own trip that even Christopher Columbus would be proud of.


* Please note that times displayed on the map are averages and actual route times may vary. Please confirm with your train ticket provider for precise journey times. Please ensure there is enough time between arrival at the location and your departure time.


Our Departure Points

Why choose Train Travel?

Environmentally Responsible

Choosing to travel by train creates lower carbon emissions than travelling by plane. By travelling by train and choosing a Rabbie's tour over car rental, you make less environmental impact. This means the places you visit are left in better condition for the local people and future visitors.

Great way to see the country

The UK's train network is one of the oldest in the world and offers a fantastic way to see the rolling hills of England up to the stunning mountains of the Scottish highlands. It will only make you more excited for the Rabbie's tour that awaits you on arrival.

Connect multiple departure points

Why not get creative and combine our rich selection of tours accross the UK by designing your own itinerary. All you have to do is choose which departure points and tours you want, and book train travel between the tour dates. We will ensure you have an unforgettable experience once you join our tour.

Departure points are near train stations

Rabbie's departure points are carefully selected to ensure ease of access from the train stations in our departure point cities. This means you do not to travel too far from arrival in each location before we can take the lead and show you the lesser known spots on our award-winning tours.

Example Itinerary

Our Brand New Tours

We're always on the lookout for new stories. And there's nothing like hearing a startling piece of history or seeing a beautiful place for the first time. Where will curiosity take you in 2024?

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