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What we do

We love travel as much as you do.

We prefer it to any roller-coaster, movie, or concert.

But there are a few things we don’t always love about travel.

Like when you get stranded on a dark single track road. Or end up at a large hotel that only serves frozen food. Or when you see something incredible, and have no way of finding out what it is.

So, our award-winning small-group tours take care of details and ensure you and your driver-guide’s adventures are free from the things that make travel less lovable. Whether travelling overseas to Europe or staying closer to home with Scotland, England, Wales or Ireland tours, we do the planning so you can enjoy the experience.

Here’s how we deliver travel experiences you’ll love:

You learn from the best storytellers in the world. And this is no overstatement. Our driver-guides are world famous for their knowledge, facts, quirky stories, history, and fairy-tales. They truly take you beyond the guide books and into your adventure.

You explore in top of the range 16 seat mini-coaches. This means you never get lost, you always take the scenic route, you have great views through large windows, and you’re free to sample the local tipple without worrying about driving.

You support the local communities. You do this because we take you to the lesser known attractions and recommend locally owned accommodation. What’s more, for every ton of carbon we use, we donate £10 to environmental and community projects.

Guaranteed departures: you book, you go. When you choose to book with us, you’re going - no minimum numbers.

Guaranteed experience or your money back. If you feel you’ve not had the experience you deserved, and we’re at fault, we’ll give you your money back.

So, take a tour with us and learn to love travel even more than you thought you could.

Why we only travel in small groups

We’re going to be honest with you.

A long time ago we tried larger coaches.

In theory, it would have been good for our bank accounts.

But in the end, we stopped using them because of three simple reasons.

Firstly, we received worse customer feedback. It turned out you guys preferred mini-coaches and didn’t appreciate trampling over a peaceful forest with 20, 30 or 40 other people.

Secondly, we found it harder to give back to the local communities. It’s not as easy to stop at that local bakery when you need to bring 30 other friends with you.

And thirdly, the big buses made it hard to go down the small roads that lead to your favourite hidden-away local treasures.

So, we went back to our 16-seat mini-coaches.

And we won’t ever go back to big ones. Because we’re never going to value anything more than your enjoyment, our environment, and the world’s best kept secrets.

Choosing responsible travel

Responsible travel is so much more for us than a box-ticking exercise. We truly want to make the world a better place through travel. That includes doing as much as we can to help preserve the places we visit for future generations to enjoy.

To put these thoughts into action, we have initiatives to help make our vision a reality. By committing to small mini-coaches, donating our carbon tax and volunteering through our ‘We Care About There’ project, we’re making a commitment for change.

How we started

Robin Worsnop started our tour company in 1993.

All he had was an old sherpa van and a few people telling him it would never work.

Robin likes to think he started the company because he ‘saw a gap in the market’, ‘wanted to create an ethical way to travel’, and ‘knew what independent travellers wanted’.

But we know the truth.

He simply wanted to spend his time travelling around gorgeous places, discovering his homeland, and enjoying a dram with friendly faces from around the globe.

And he could have carried on doing this forever.

But there was a gap in the market; he had created an ethical way to travel, and he showed people a really, really good time.

So, people started to talk about Robin’s quirky tours.

Robin had to hire more people, buy more mini-coaches, start working with spreadsheets, and concentrate on building the company, so more people could live his dream.

And now we have award-winning small-group tours departing from all over the UK & Ireland.

Sadly, Robin is too busy to see all these gorgeous places as much as our guides. But he’s happy others are now getting to see the places he loved in the way he loved seeing them.

Throughout his journey, Robin has been guided by his vision to the make the world a better place through travel.

Award-winning travel company

Becoming an award-winning travel company is a huge honour to us. We have been very fortunate over the last decade to have won a range of travel awards including:

  • Queen’s Award - for enterprise in International Trade
  • Silver Green Apple Award
  • British Travel Awards 2019 - Best Escorted Tours Holiday Company
  • Tripadvisor Travelers’ Choice 2018
  • Silver Thistle Award 2016
  • Business in the Community (BITC) SME of the Year 2016

We always strive to deliver great experiences, so it is wonderful to know that the hard work and dedication to providing customers with the best UK and Europe tours is being recognised.