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They've survived trebuchets, sieges, and battering rams. They've witnessed tragedy, treachery, and treason. And they once signified birthrights, devotion, and power.

Castles are fascinating artifacts of civilization. A glimpse into what life was once like... perhaps even for your ancestors. And even if they didn't once walk the halls of a grand castle, you are. Now. Creating memories, becoming a part of this great structure. Perhaps you're at Dunnottar Castle, gazing out over the glistening sea from your place in the ruined grand hall. Or maybe you're wandering across the stone bridge to the famous Eilean Donan Castle, jealousy surging within you that this castle belongs to someone else.

And as you approach, these castles sigh over their own ruinous state, welcoming your admiration over all they’ve endured. 


Why you'll love Castle Tours


Sometimes they sit on a lake with a panorama of mountains and forests. Other times they’re clinging to cliffs surveying the shores for pirates. And often they’re the crest of a grand city. With castles, the setting can be as stunning as the structure.


Plans made in war rooms had far-reaching consequences. Entire cultures were wiped off the face of the planet because of a grumpy king. And new countries were consummated with a poisoned chalice. Learn the legends hidden within the enclaves on our castle tours.

Castle Tours