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There’s a reason why France is the most-visited country in the world.

Their landscapes blend white mountains, purple fields, and honey-hued hamlets. Their cuisine pairs wonderful wines with beautiful-sounding cheeses. And they can say ‘Oh là là’ in a way that’s as enchanting as it is cheeky.

On our trips, we take you beyond the Eiffel Tower and baguettes and into France’s most charming locations.

You explore castles that look like postcards from medieval legends; you venture to cloisters concealed within mountains; and you taste snails, frogs’ legs, and things you never thought could be so delicious.

Discover our trips to France and enjoy the magic of the world’s favourite country.

Fact File:

Population: 67 million |Hello: Bonjour! | Size: 643,801 km²

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Why you'll love France

France tours in small groups


France’s most famous king had an opulent taste. He commissioned hundreds of self-portraits and called himself the ‘sun king’. It’s outlandish; but France’s rich history has left behind the most gorgeous architecture that Europe has to offer.


The French have it good and they know it. They’re a proud bunch who are polite, witty, and philosophical. Our tip is to try to dress well and say ‘bonjour’ and ‘merci’ as often as possible.

France trips to foodie destinations


Traditional baguettes must weigh 250 grams and making a macaroon seems to need about four years of intensive study. Food in France is about artisan flavours and deep traditions.

Cultural tours of France


France isn’t all about the flowery buildings and cobbled streets. They have ancient stone circles that rival Stonehenge, and Neanderthal paintings that’ll have you mulling over humanity’s existence.

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