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A Beginners Guide to Small-Group Travel

Posted on 30 Nov 2023

Small-group travel takes the pressure off planning your daily itinerary of your upcoming trips. But the adventure can't start without you. Led by locals and surrounded by like-minded travellers, these mini escapes are the best way to make the most of your time. For those of us with limited time off work, these mini escapes can help to make the most of your time, while still experiencing the exciting attractions of your chosen destination. Allow our guide to showcase the benefits small-group tours can bring, while also providing our top 3 tips.

Within this article:

What is a Small-Group Tour?

Small in group size, big in adventures. A small-group tour can provide you the rich experience of local cultures and customs, without feeling lost in the crowd. Our mini-group tours hold up to a maximum of 16 people, but you may find yourself in a smaller group depending on the season in which you travel.

3 Advantages of Travelling with a Tour Group

If you’ve never experienced travelling via a tour group, then listen close. Many people may consider a pre-planned tour to be like those field trips experienced at school, but believe it's the opposite. With passionate driver-guides showing you the way to having free time to explore your chosen attraction, we’re here to ensure you walk away from a tour fulfilled. Still need convincing? Here are three benefits to taking part in a travel group tour.

Planning Made Simple

Planning a trip can often be a time consuming task that not many of us have the patience for, which is where a small-group tour is a benefit. Having already visited these locations time and again, the guides are experts in showing hidden treasures you may not find if having gone alone. Take a tour of Scotland as an example, with such a vast array of attractions to choose from, make it easy for yourself by selecting either the departure city as a first reference, or attractions. For example, do you want to find the best Outlander locations on a tour of the Scottish Highlands or sample the liquid gold on a whisky tour? Either can be planned for you with our established itineraries.

small group travel

Make Friends With Like-Minded Travellers

When you travel, it gives you a chance to meet like-minded people, but on a group tour you get to share those experiences together. Your new companions will vary in age, backgrounds, and cultural upbringing, which is the best part, adding a new layer to any friendship. Whether you tour Europe or take a trip around England, imagine the stories these people from around the world might have to share with you?

Your Safety Is Considered at All Times

Safety is paramount for any trip, but when travelling by small-group, you have others to lean upon. Hosted by a knowledgeable driver-guide, they will always have your best interests and safety in mind, and will not make you do anything you're uncomfortable with. A number of our tour destinations are also named within the top ten safest European countries in the world. We understand that those travelling alone always have to stay vigilant, which is why joining a tour group could be a safer option for a leg of your journey.

small group travel

Can Solo Travellers Join a Small-Group Tour?

Yes, solo travellers can tour by a group. It’s one of the ways you can meet friends and feel safe, all while experiencing the specific destination chosen. Most solo travellers have nerves when visiting a new place for the first time, but turn that feeling into excitement for what's to come. Joining a tour group may not be for everyone, but it at least helps to build your confidence and provides a way to dip your toes into exploring if venturing out alone for the first time.

3 Top Tips if Thinking about Taking Part in a Tour Group

Having experienced both planning our own tours and joining a small-group, we have three top tips to keep in mind if choosing the latter.

Find Out Transit Times

Being seated on a comfortable mini-coach, with wide windows panning the scenic landscape, may be a dream to some, however less enjoyable to others. If opting to choose a small travel group adventure, it's best to see how long you will actually spend on the coach in between locations.

Check What Is Included in the Small-Group Tour

Booking a small-group tour doesn't mean you’re securing an all-inclusive deal. More often than not, you’re paying for your transport and a selection of the activities within the total price shown. For a multi-day tour, travel accommodation is not typically included, as that provides flexibility into the type of stay you want. However, bookings can usually be arranged by the tour provider if necessary.

small group travel

Pack Smart

More often than not, when travelling in a group you may not have the space within the mini bus to host a large suitcase. Remember there could be up to 16 people within the bus and if everyone overpacked, no one would be able to see each other behind the luggage. Keep in mind that we have a luggage limitation for our tours. Park smartly and think about taking only necessary items. Yes, we are talking to you who packed everything but the kitchen sink…

Enjoy Small-Group Travel with Rabbie’s

After reading the benefits and top tips for joining a small-group travel tour, all that’s left to do is find your operator. While we’re biassed, we’re proud of our tours and the unique experiences we can provide our guests. Not to mention our expert driver-guides who lead the way. It’s their passion for uncovering the hidden stories you don’t find in a travel book that allows you to feel part of the magic. Sign up to our newsletter to be the first to hear about our seasonal offers and new departure locations.

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