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Glasgow Comedy Festival

Our Favourite Jokes from Glasgow Life International Comedy Festival Comedians

Posted on 30 Jan 2017

Scotland can be pretty funny.

You see cows as hairy as the contents of a hairdresser’s bin bag, and learn stories more unbelievable than a low-fat deep-fried mars bar.

But what makes it even more hilarious is the local sense of humour.

And the best place to discover the chuckle-some jokes is at the Glasgow Life International Comedy Festival. The festival is on from 9th to 26th March 2017, and boasts 479 shows across 50 venues. What’s more, a lot of the shows are the perfect compliment to our day tours from Glasgow.

Here are 10 of the best tweets from some of the comedians that are performing.

1. Chris Forbes

2. Sean Mcloughlin

3. Tiffany Stevenson

4. Frankie Boyle

5. Hailey Boyle

6. John Hastings

7. Omid Djalili

8. Jamie Campbell

9. Adam Kay

10. Jimmy Carr

For more great jokes, book your tickets for the Glasgow Comedy Festival here.

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