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Roald Dahl Quotes

9 Gloriumptiously Fizz-Whizzing Roald Dahl Quotes

Posted on 31 Jan 2017

Every mini-coach, car or plane can be as sensational as a giant peach or great glass elevator. Everywhere you go you can see enormous crocodiles and giant caterpillars.


Simply take a little of Roald Dahl's magic wherever you go. Because, as Willy Wonka said, 'We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams'.

Add a little touch of magic to all your journeys by keeping these Roald Dahl quotes close to your heart:

1. The Twits, 1980

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2. My Uncle Oswald, 1979

3. The Minpins, 1991

4. Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator, 1972


5. Matilda, 1988



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6. Danny the Champion of the World, 1975

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7. The Witches, 1983

8. The BFG, 1982


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9. Roald Dahl

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