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8 Reasons Why Our Trips Make Good Christmas Presents

Posted on 2 Dec 2019

In every friend or family group, there’s the organised one. Come the beginning of December, they’re already halfway through their Christmas gift- buying list.  

And then there’s the rest of us. The ones who can’t help but join in on the frantic dance in the weeks leading up to Christmas, hoping they can somehow both buy the perfect gift while avoiding the suffocating Christmas shopping crowds. It brings to mind the famous quote: “May the odds be ever in your favour.” 

Not to worry. There is a solution to every problem and that’s what gift cards are for. 

Personally, I’ve always been a fan of buying experiences for friends and family. This year, instead of buying them another unwanted trinket, why not surprise your loved one with a Rabbie’s Gift Voucher?

Here are a few reasons both you and your loved one will benefit from this: 


1. People don’t need more ‘stuff’.

As someone who has just moved countries, let me tell you how amazing it is to move in somewhere with basically no possessions. There’s nothing like starting fresh… because we all have far too much stuff. Christmas has somehow turned into the occasion where we buy an excessive amount of random gifts – often because we think the bottom of the Christmas tree looks far too empty without tonnes of presents. 

But, trust me, your mum will thank you for not making her find a spot in her home for yet another random trinket. 


2. Prolong the joy of a present.

Psychological research has shown that experiences bring people more happiness than objects. It’s all down to the anticipation and excitement that accompany us as we wait for our event.  

Take my best friend, for example, who is currently working on his PhD. He can’t work full-time and therefore has little spare money for fun experiences. So for his birthday and Christmas, I always look to give him an experience he’ll remember, something he would normally have to forgo – whether it’s a concert, a fun activity, or a trip. 

And when the experience is over, you’ve got memories that will last a lifetime. 


3. Create memories, not more landfill. 

It’s hard to buy a gift for your friends and family when they’ve got everything they need. That’s why treating them to something that creates memories is a perfect solution. 

Travelling somewhere new can enrich and even change their life. Plus, it’s a great opportunity for amazing photos, videos and anecdotes. Memories of a Highland cow or a puffin seen in Scotland can keep someone warm and fuzzy inside for much longer than a new blender. 



4. Spare someone an awkward moment.

You must have experienced it so many times. Faking enthusiasm and looking thrilled while unwrapping yet another exciting present (socks?).

Every year I have a moment like this, since my mum is incapable of holding herself back. She loves a stocking filler, aka a money-waster.  


5. Give a choice.

There’s this sweet spot between knowing what your loved one wants and likes, and also giving them choice.

Take me, for example, I adore travelling and all my friends know this. If they got me a Rabbie’s gift voucher, it tells me that they know I love travelling, but they also know I’ve travelled a lot and would like the option of choosing where to go next.  


6. Gift vouchers will help you keep to budget. 

Everybody knows Christmas is one of the most expensive times of the year. No matter how hard we try to keep to budget, we somehow blow through it. When browsing the shops to find the perfect gift for dad, you end up buying one thing. But then wonder... is it enough? So you buy something else. And suddenly you’ve spent way more than you anticipated.  

With a gift voucher, you can stick firmly to your budget.  


7. A Rabbie’s Gift voucher is kinder to the environment. 

Think back to every Christmas you’ve ever had. The presents are all unwrapped, piles of plastic wrappings/toys/objects scattered about the room, not to mention the pile of now-discarded wrapping paper. 

A gift voucher is far better for the environment (especially if you go digital), and what’s more – if the voucher is for a Rabbie’s tour, your loved one can go on their tour knowing about our responsible travel pact


8. Save yourself from stress.

Why do we do this to ourselves? The Christmas present-buying panic. You need to take into consideration people’s clothing sizes, music taste, and book and fragrance preferences. Even if you get over this hurdle, there’s always a chance that people may suddenly change their hobby or lifestyle (so that steak cookbook may be no longer appropriate for your niece who’s become vegetarian). 

But when you give a Rabbie’s small group tour experience you don’t have to worry about all these things. The gift voucher is emailed to you or your loved one, so there’s no need for waiting for couriers or rearranging deliveries. You simply decide on the value of the gift voucher. It can be just a contribution to someone’s tour or a whole day or multi-day adventure. You choose.

So as Christmas fast approaches, why not choose choice? Maybe even add ‘Rabbie’s gift voucher’ to your Christmas wish-list too.  

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