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5 Things You Must Do in Wales

Posted on 28 May 2024

Wales may be small, but its mighty landscape captures audiences who choose to walk its lands. If this is your first time to the rugged coastline, you may be wondering where to start? Luckily we have a wealth of knowledge and have put together our guide to the five best things to do while visiting Wales.

Whether castles capture your imagination, or you want to see if the rumours of how many sheep roam the land is true, our top things to do cover it all. Ready to go?           

Coming up in this article:

  • What Are 5 Best Things to Do in Wales?
    • Climb Snowdonia National Park
    • Feel the Sand Between Your Toes at New Quay Beach
    • Defend Your Title at Conwy Castle
    • Visit the World’s First Book Town Hay-On-Wye
    • Roam Bannau Brycheiniog National Park Like a Local
  • Top Three FAQs Before Visiting Wales

What Are 5 Best Things to Do in Wales?

Rugby, the red dragon, and how could we forget Welsh cakes - all synonymous with Welsh culture. And if these are on your bucket list things to see, we’re sure you could tick them off pretty quickly on a trip to Wales. But we like to help uncover the lesser-known traditions this country has to offer. Joining a small-group tour allows you the comfort of companions, while having free time to roam the landscape at your own leisure. Who knows, you could soon pick up the Celtic Welsh language and feel like a local. Ready to discover our best things to do in Wales?

Climb Snowdonia National Park

Location: Northwest Wales
Featured Rabbie’s Tour: Snowdonia, North Wales & Chester 3-Day Tour

Snowdonia (now known as Eryri) is one of the best destinations admired by all who flock to Wales. So it’s no surprise it made the top of our best things to do in Wales list. As one of Britain's three largest peaks, climbing this mountain is no easy mission, but don’t let that put you off touring Snowdonia. Spectacular landscapes can be admired from anypoint of this National Park, so if you don’t quite make the summit, you’re not missing out. Covering 823 square miles, be sure to bring your walking shoes to trek over the uneven terrain.

But our favourite part? Taking a seat on the Llanberis Lake Railway. This little train takes you along the shores of Padarn Lake on a relaxing ride that allows you to embrace the beauty of Eryri National Park. 

Feel the Sand Between Your Toes at New Quay Beach

Location: New Quay, Wales 
Featured Rabbie’s Tour: Discover Wales 5-Day Tour 

A trip to Wales wouldn’t be complete without a visit to one of the country's many seaside resorts. And New Quay is one of the best beaches to visit in Wales. Located on the Cardigan Bay of West Wales, New Quay is a quaint seaside town with a sheltered harbour and golden sands to sink your toes into. With a yearly calendar full of events, planning your visit ahead of time can ensure you don’t miss out.

In the UK, we’re lucky to start having glimmers of warmer weather starting from March or April, so a trip in spring could be ideal. However, autumn tours are available and just as enjoyable. We’d recommend bringing a scarf if travelling to this top Welsh destination later in the year, as relaxing as the sea air is, it sure is cooler than inland wind! 


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Defend Your Title at Conwy Castle

Location: Conwy, Wales
Featured Rabbie’s Tour: Snowdonia, North Wales & Chester 1-Day Tour

Watching over the bustling harbour town of Conwy for the last 700 years, Conwy Castle is a treat for all. Perfectly preserved and restored to allow guests to complete a full circuit of the grounds, this castle is not only one of the best things to do in Wales, but it's one of Europe's most magnificent mediaeval fortresses. When opting for a castle tour, we’d recommend booking in advance to ensure your entry. If travelling on our 1-day tour, you have the option to pre-book your entry at the time of booking our small-group tour.    

Visit the World’s First Book Town Hay-On-Wye

Location: Hay-On-Wye, Wales
Featured Rabbie’s Tour: The Mountains & Coasts of South Wales 3-Day Tour

A market town dedicated to books? Who wouldn’t want to revel in the stories this town has to offer. With a population of around 2,000 people, Hay-On-Wye’s quaint landscape makes you feel as if you’ve just stepped into your favourite novel, without it being gimmicky. Situated on the corner of the Brecon Beacons (Bannau Brycheiniog National Park), you could combine your tour and tick two of the best things to do in Wales at the same time. If you want to see Hay-On-Wye in all its glory, be sure to time your visit with the Hay Festival, which runs from the end of May to the beginning of June 2024.    

Roam Bannau Brycheiniog National Park Like a Local 

Location: Brecon Beacons, Wales
Featured Rabbie’s Tour: South Wales, Cotswolds & Oxford 4-Day Tour

Just when you thought we were finished with our top things to do in Wales, we hit it out of the park with our next must-see. Bannau Brycheiniog National Park (formally known as the Brecon Beacons). Come rain or shine, this top attraction to visit in Wales has something the whole family can enjoy. Whether you're undertaking one of the many hiking routes, stargazing in some of the UK’s highest quality dark skies, or paddle boarding down the River Wye, this national park has a wealth of opportunities to discover. 

Top Three FAQs Before Visiting Wales

When is the Best Time to Visit Wales?

Similar to touring England, the unpredictable weather can be a moot point when deciding the best time to visit Wales. Do you chance a sunny break during the spring and summer months? Or opt for an autumn or winter tour to see the changing of the colours start to burn through? We may be biassed, but one of the best things about Wales is that it can be enjoyed all year round. It’s down to personal preference whether to tour during peak season (June / July / August), or to take a trip when there could be fewer crowds gathered at landmark attractions.   

Is Wales a Good Destination for Families?

Yes, our list of things to do in Wales is perfect for the whole family, as well as solo travellers. Entertaining children and adults alike, the country boasts:

  • Coastlines stretching for miles beyond the horizon
  • Castle walls which if they could speak, would tell an enchanting tale or two
  • Storytelling charms outlining legends the whole family can immerse themselves in

With something sure to tick an interest for the whole family, Wales makes for the perfect destination to holiday in.

Can I Avoid the Rain in Wales?

The rainy weather and Wales go hand in hand. Actually we’d put the whole of the UK into that category. While we can’t control the weather when you travel and visit some of the best things Wales has to offer, that shouldn't stop you from enjoying this country's unique experiences. Our top tip? No matter the time of year, we’d recommend having some form of rain protection with you. Whether an umbrella or waterproof coat, you can never be too prepared.  

Become a Local in Wales With Rabbie’s

Wales is ready to welcome you into its open arms this season, to make lifelong memories you can scrapbook together. To make your journey around this small country easier, jump on board one of our small-group tours. Led by knowledgeable driver-guides, in comfortable mini-coaches, see the landscapes in all its glory. Ensure you’re signed up to our newsletter and never miss out on knowing our new destinations or tour dates.

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