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Cliffs of Moher

18 Reasons You Should Never-Ever Visit Ireland

Posted on 31 Jan 2017

We just can't understand why people go on our tours of Ireland. The country doesn't have good #travelfeels, there's nothing to do and it's all a bit bland. Here's why.

1. There’s absolutely no interesting wildlife whatsoever.

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2. No pretty animals, and no cute baby lambs.

3. But it's not surprising there’s no wildlife. The place is just so arid and grey.

4. What’s more is that there are no good locations for shooting any blockbuster television shows.

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5. Just look at these cliffs. Would you bother going to see them? They're just boring and unimpressive.

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6. And it gets worse; when you look out to sea, there are these islands that block your view of the horizon.

The second largest gannet colony in Europe. Skellig Rock.

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7. We’d recommend getting your drinks at the supermarket in Ireland, because there are no decent pubs.

8. Even the famous Giant’s Causeway is a bit of a let down.

9. But we suppose Blarney Castle is alright. At least there's some interesting flora around.

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10. Their beaches are awful. Too sandy.

11. Don’t get us started on their terrible writers.

12. Seriously, we’ve got better writers working for Rabbie’s Trail Burners.

13. And who’d want to study at their uninspiring universities?

14. They even invented one of the worst beers in the world. That, by the way, doesn’t taste better in Ireland.

15. And why would anyone want to go inside this weird 5,000 year old house?

16. Only a geologist could find these rocks interesting.

17. Hearty and rich? More like bland and gross.

18. You won’t find any traditional music either. It’s like all they ever do is listen to Justin Beiber.

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