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体验苏格兰的“生命之水” - 单一麦芽威士忌,参观两个坐落在高地边缘迷人的酿酒厂。

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格兰哥尼威士忌酒厂( Glengoyne Distillery ) - 一个田园诗般的酿酒厂,坐落在一座美丽的山脚下。

罗蒙湖国家公园( Loch Lomond National Park ) - 苏格兰最大的淡水湖,以其绮丽的风姿吸引了无数游客。幽深蔚蓝的湖被巍峨群山环绕, 水面映照出两岸的群山,山色湖光,相映成趣,美不胜收,是拍摄山水风景照的好去处。

汀士頓威士忌酒厂( Deanston Distillery ) - 这个酒厂是苏格兰唯一一家自供自给电力的酒厂。


欣赏苏格兰高地洛蒙德湖国家公园(Loch Lomond National Park)的原始森林、湖泊和高山的美景,品尝格兰哥尼威士忌酒厂(Glengoyne Distillery)和汀士頓威士忌酒厂(Deanston Distillery)出产的单一麦芽威士忌。


Check-in closes at 09.15 (tour departs at 09:30) - Rabbie's Cafe Bar, Waterloo Place, Edinburgh, EH1 3EG
You’re restricted to 14kg (31lbs) of luggage per person. This should be one piece of luggage similar to an airline carry-on bag (approximately 55cm x 45cm x 25cm / 22in x 17in x 10in) and a small bag for onboard personal items.

学生, 60岁以上的老人, 5到15岁之间的儿童 (非常抱歉,我们无法携带5岁以下的孩童)

Important information
  • 苏格兰潮湿多雨,请准备防水的衣服及适宜行走的鞋子。
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  • 全程交通(乘坐Rabbie's16座迷你豪华巴士)
  • 空调
  • Rabbie's提供的专业司机/英文导游服务
  • 免费的中文GPS音导APP
Tour exclusions
  • 景点的门票费用


苏格兰威士忌在苏格兰文化中根深蒂固。 苏格兰人用它来治疗普通的小病,并在整个冬天保持温暖。英国人对它征税以资助他们的政府。现在,苏格兰威士忌出口占英国食品和饮料出口的四分之一。

这是苏格兰传统的迷人部分,在这次旅行中,你可以在两个不同的酿酒厂学习。您将会访问格兰哥尼威,这是位于一座美丽的小山脚下的一座古雅的酿酒厂。接着您会去到汀士頓威士忌酿酒厂,这是一个有着迷人工业历史的大型酿酒厂。 所以,来这趟旅行,品尝一下威士忌的美味吧,了解一下苏格兰的国酒。


Fabulous day out with Graham!

Georgy Posted on 21/08/2019

Fresh off the tour bus from today and just had to write in and say many many thanks to Graham on the Discover Malt Whisky tour!! We had a full and fabulous day out, learning way more than just about Whisky. The history and culture came to life through Graham’a stories and my neck got a good workout from all the head turning to see so many beautiful sights of both the Lowlands and Highlands (that’s a good thing)! You’ll get more than you bargained for with Graham, so highly recommend a day out in his care. Cheers again, from Georgy and Andrew (from the on-time tour group) :)

Fantastic tour

Alan Liferow Posted on 22/05/2016

Went on the whiskey tour on Friday 20 May. A dream come true to visit two famous distilleries. Jeff the guide was amazing. Firstly hes two meters tall. Secondly hes so knowledgeable about Scotland and history and whisky. Was really an amazing tour with an amazing guide and I highly recommend it


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