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Award Winning Small Group Tours

What are the guides like?

Our guides are each hand-picked for their pride and passion for the areas they tour.  Chosen for their expertise, knowledge and ability to entertain, they will regale you with folklore, myths, history and legend. And we don’t just leave this to chance - we are proud to have won many awards which are testament to how our people want to be a part of your experience. We do everything we can to ensure you get a great tour, led by a great guide, someone you know really cares about what they do and how they do it.

Rabbie’s is an open, friendly, welcoming family of people. Our people like to “live life” and explore places that have stories to tell and people to tell them. Sharing our experiences with people the world over, we encourage them to do the same. We want everyone to know that when you travel with us, we make every effort and commitment to ensure that your time with us is the most enriching, enjoyable and memorable experience as possible.

And here’s a sample of a few of them...


“Work? This isn’t work for me. I like to think of myself as an unofficial ambassador for Scotland. This is my country and I’m extremely proud to belong to its history, but it’s far too good to keep to ourselves. There are few things more rewarding in this life than to pass on the stories of our fathers and forefathers. True stories that sound like Hollywood blockbusters, with a cast of leading men and women, that would have the likes of Mel Gibson shaking in his boots. These are the stories of the real country and the real people. Work? Come on... Be a part of it!"

Name: Mac   Age: 39   Role: Driver/Guide   Other Interests: Scotland's History and Cinema

"There’s an old saying that goes something like this... “Life is not measure by the amount of breaths you take, but by the moments that take your breath away...” That’s how we view things here. Sit back in our reclining chairs. Our images have 3D you can actually touch with the added bonus of authentic sounds, smells and stories. And would you believe you CAN buy entertainment like this on the high street? Drop into 207 the High Street Edinburgh. And we’ll see what package fits you best..."

Name: Karen   Age:she prefers not to say!   Role: Driver/Guide   Other Interests: Family history, photography, whisky and travel

“I love to be at the front. Safe in the knowledge there’s a team behind me giving me the support I need, allowing me the freedom to do my thing, my way. Outside of work, my dream is to tour round the world on my bike like Mark Beaumont. I love the experience of meeting new people and exploring new cultures. Everyday is a new adventure with friends I haven't yet met!" 

Name:Ally   Age: 33   Role: Driver/Guide   Other Interests: Carrera Roadster Bike

“My girlfriend has said for as long as she has known me, I’ve always had this need to “engage” with new people and “get involved”. I guess it stems from my mother and the way she’d make sure everyone was welcome in our house and everyone knew where everything was just in case they needed it...
... To be honest it makes me feel as good if not better than the person I’m helping.”

Name: Neil   Age: 31   Role: Driver/Guide   Other Interests: Story Telling